Friday, December 01, 2006

People are Idiots.

Take this guy. This guy's an idiot. Apparently a well learned physician. Still an idiot.

In case you're not in the mood to read the story - he gave his race number this year to some other dude to run the Twin Cities Marathon. For whatever reason, and that's not really a big deal. Kind of uncool from a safety perspective, but whatever, maybe something came up or something and it was an expression of generosity to give the number away. Or something. Whatever. Anyway, the dude who ran with his number qualified for Boston. So idiot then went ahead and registered for Boston. Because he's technically qualified. Like he's entitled.


Talk about missing the whole damn point.

How could one even run it? How do you feel good about yourself in Boston knowing you don't belong there? Essentially cheated to get in? How do you even enjoy that? Take pride in it? Look a Finisher in the eye?

Huh. I'm finding as I write this that this sincerely pisses me off. And so alas, I go to bed.

Oh, but first, closed circuit to TriSaraTops, or anybody else in the general Cleveland area: Please tell me you're going to this. And please take pictures.