Monday, December 01, 2008

Vacation's Over

It usually happens at about precisely this time, no mystery that it coincides with the gluttony of Thanksgiving, where the following weekend or so I'm craving a run. And not just for the sake of it, but I crave the organization and structure and discipline of regular training again. I think the last two years I started something structured on about December 1st. I've been doing some casual stuff for a few weeks, but wasn't really feeling it - still content to rest, gain weight, hibernate. Yesterday I required a run, and it felt good and intentional, and this week I'm back into something regular, albeit not intense at all, and I'm excited about that.

Nothing's healed, though. My left IT band is still haywire - sore after about 2.5 miles yesterday. My left arch - I think plantar fasciitis - is still painful. My right achilles really feels no differently than it did the day after the marathon. This is disappointing after 8 weeks off. I guess I'll have to visit the doctor. Alas.

In other news, yesterday I was lazily flipping channels when I stumbled upon IMWI '08 on VS.! Sweet!!!! Can I just say again what a beautiful day for a race that was. What a blast. Got me in the mood.

Also, I joined Facebook. I've tied this blog into Facebook so that when I post here it's imported into my "notes". Between Twitter, Facebook, and here, and tying them all into one another one way or another, I'm kind of creating an informational feedback loop. Not sure about it. We'll see.

Finally, it snowed for the first time. Yesterday morning, knowing it was forecasted, I said to Jack on our run, "This is the last time we'll see this green lawns until April, buddy." And a couple of hours later, they were gone. The good news is that for a time we were forecast for something silly like 6-10 inches, but it only amounted to 2-3 or so. It's a good sign, after last horrible winter, if the big storm passed us by for once.

That's what's new with me. What's up whichu?