Monday, February 06, 2006

Shout out to my peeps...

Sending out much love/respect/congratulations/general good karma to my sister-in-law Iris, who completed the ING Miami Marathon last weekend in 5:21:23. She ran as part of an AIDS fundraising group, and trained in the cold of Washington D.C. to run in the heat of Miami. Brilliant and well done! Also to my friend Ali Vaughan, who ran the Chicago Marthon in October (though I just found out about it) in the super-freak time of 3:37:23, good enough to qualify her for the Holy Grail of Marathon in Boston on April 17th (supposing she's not still hung over from celebrating my birthday 3 days earlier. I'm a legend in Boston, and April 14th is a city-wide holiday. FYI.) Outstanding. I'm extremely proud of you both!

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