Sunday, April 23, 2006

64.5 miles...

What a great ride today. Like I've said before, when is it not a great ride, but today was just particularly great. I can't think of a reason, really. I felt strong and fresh all day. I had a blast. There was a typical Minnesota spring NNW wind at about 10mph - just present enough to slow me down some on the way up (headed, wouldn't you know it, North/Northwest), but on the way home I was flying, and it wasn't just the tailwind at work. Clipping along at 20, 21, 23mph, with "no chain" - just felt effortless. I usually get a stretch of fatigue at around 35 miles, but today I popped 2 Excedrin Migraine, which has just a touch of caffiene, at about 30 miles and I was good to go all day. The weather was beautiful, Ol' Blue was a rocket, and I rode 64.5 miles - the furthest I've ever ridden my bike, in fact. I kept at around 90rpm all day, as usual, and when my 3.5 hour ride was up I transitioned to a 2 mile run - my legs felt really strong and I easily and effortlessly found my 9:30 starting pace. Just couldn't have asked for a better day. I had so much fun, and actually did some useful thinking out there (which is rare for me - I hardly ever "think" when I'm working out) - brainstormed on some work stuff, considered some Ironman strategies, just whatever came to me. Averaged 18.6mph on the day, which is great for a Long Slow Distance (LSD - right, like the drug) ride. 17.9mph into the wind - which is totally satisfying - and 19.2mph on the way home. I jump to 4.5 hours next week - might crack 80 miles!

I brought the camera along and managed to take some pictures - thought I'd bring you along for the ride. Check them out over on the right (of the homepage, in case you're reading this post on its own). Hope you enjoy 'em.


Todd said...

Sweet lord! You could dang near trek it up to Little Falls no problem, nice work!

Well my first official week of training started off great but then the train wreck happend. I lost all control and will power with my sister's wedding and all of those festivities. I have no excuses and am thoroughly disappointed in myself.

Had a nice run though this morning and am back on the horse. Hopefully no detrimental damage was done. Still feeling confident though.

Later vader!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

What an awesome ride!! It is always really satisfying when things go better then expected!! Really helps the confidence! I like coming a long for the ride, you should take us more often :) !!

I have to share my little story from last week...

The Saturday before the one that just past, 9 days ago :0), I involuntarily took a flight.

How do you ask???

Well, I was in a paceline on my bike and the GUY(BOOOOO -- I really have nothing against guys, really)infront of me lost control of his bike and then crashed and hit the pavement right in front of me. My front wheel ran right into him and then I flipped over him and landed head first. I then slammed into the ground on my back.

It was like a wrestling move, only no wrestler and head hitting first!! I ended up with one drop of blood drawn serveral bruises that were not looking like bruises yet, they are/were just quite nicely swollen!! Since I had nice padding, I was wearing my camelback and had just taken off my jacket and tights. So I had all that and the water too,that helped cushion the impact.

I ended up with just one bruise on my back, not from the pavement, but the pump that I had in the camelback. The other bruise have mostly taken up residence on my left leg.

Lessons Learned, always wear your helmet, because last Saturday, I had to buy a new one. Mine is now out of commission due to the nice crack that is in it that would have been my skull had I not been wearing it!!!! And I will not ride behind this guy until he learns to handle his bike better! ( don't get me wrong, he is an awesome guy!! But, proof of this is, when we rode yesterday, he fell again :( !! )

Hey Todd, I would not be too hard on yourself, for crashing the train. I would say as long as it does not happen to often and you keep note of them. Rest days are a good thing and a necessity!!

You all have an awesome week, and killer ride Chris!!


xt4 said...

Geez Kathi, glad you're okay. Somebody last week at Trifuel said "There are two types of riders - those that have fallen, and those that will fall", and somebody corrected him and said, "No, there's only one type of rider: those that will fall." I've been so far spared of all but the most insignificant scrapes, and probably it's something best not talked about at all, eh? Knocking on wood, that sort of thing. I'm glad you're okay though - seems I read about a lot of things happening when there's a group of rider - so many opportunities for error.

'S'alright 'zilla - get back on track this week. Glad you had a great weekend!

Todd said...

Kathi, glad you were wearing your helmet and are alright! Talk about scary. Rest days are indeed a necessity but I don't have the best behavioral patterns. Moderation and self control are not in my vocabulary so when I say I took some days off, it wasn't pretty. Live and learn I guess.


I'm already feeling good this early in the week. My focus is back and I don't have any distractions to derail me in the near future. Looking forward to hitting the pool over lunch and doin some laps. Later homes.


Quest4Kona said...

Sounds like a GREAT ride! Keep at it Chris!
Also, the spooky old house you took a picture of reminds me of my ex-wifes can almost see her flying around out back on her broom!
Drop me an email sometime...I'd love to chat about your I think you've only begun to scratch the surface as to your potential in the run...You have ALL the tools, and you should be encouraged and excited about the road ahead!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

Just wanted to say hi. I was happy that I was ok also. Yes, I agree with the quote about those that will fall!!

The guy that falls, is now thinking about getting a motorcycle, I hope that he rethinks that. I told him that I thought that he should not get one until he has been fall free for at LEAST 6 months!!

I hope that you are having a great week! :0) I am sure that the training is going awesome.


I am also glad that I am ok and it was a little scarey!

I was wondering if you log your training progress as Chris does? I find that it helps. There is a new site out there that is in Beta right now, I am not sure when it will open up to the public, but it is free and you can log your progress there. (after Beta ;0) ) The site is What r u training for? (I think that it is blogger site also)

Hope you all have a great weekend! Train hard and smart...


Todd said...

Hi Kathi,

Yes, I track my progress pretty well. I'm one of those "list maker" people. So yah, I've got a pretty good journal going detailing my workouts and diet. I haven't thought about blogging any of it unitl now, I just may have to check it out. Thanks for planting the seed. Although I'm not sure anyone wants to read how I splurged and had 4 big mac's at midnight to satisfy a craving. Food is basically like a drug for me, I love it. So that's my biggest hurdle. I'm training for two sprint tri's. The Buffalo Tri June 4th and the Lifetime Tri July 15th. You have a great weekend too!