Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Random Access

Yesterday I posted my fasted ever 100 yard sprint time in the pool at 1:30. What the... Apparently the "just enough" swim training plan has its advantages. Huh.

I had hoped to click 187 pounds by the Half Iron this weekend...putting me on pace for 185 by July 4th...and around 175 by race day in September. Looks like I'll be just off the mark, by about a pound. Oh well.

I'm an uncle! Again! My sister had a baby girl around 4:30 this morning. Whoohoo!!! Do they make trisuits in infant sizes? Gotta get her started early...

The ever-evolving forecast for the weekend (generally useless this many days out) now calls for a cooler day - in the low 70's - and scattered thunderstorms. If the wind and rain held off in the morning, that might be just about perfect. We'll see...

Spent last evening wrapping up some work - feeling good so far that I'll be attending to all my deadlines so as to not interfere with sleep, training, or race prep. And vice-versa. Then some tinker time (as my wife calls it) with Ol' Blue, getting him race ready. I always love that.

"Do you think," said Ol' Blue as I scrubbed a particularly stubborn bit of grime from his chainstays, "that we'll do this again?"
"Oh geez, can we just get through this one first?"
"Right, but...what about..."
"Yeah. What do we do after? This has been it for us. This has been three years in the making. I mean, look at us out here. This is, like, all we do. What do we do when it's over?"
"I don't think we should talk about this. I think it's bad luck or something."
"What is?"
"Talking about after Ironman"
"How is that bad luck? What, you're not going to exist beyond Ironman?"
"I don't know, maybe, how do I know? I just think it's asking for trouble."
"Whatever dude. Well at some point we should probably figure it out."
"I know. Another day."
"So be it. Now scrub damn you! Put your back into it, I need to look presentable!"
"You are such a tool."
"Question: Do you this this silver bar wrap makes me look fat?"


Todd said...

Answer: "No, your face makes you look fat."

Come on people, stay with me, Tommy Boy!

Michael Anderson said...

I wonder if doing another Ironman sometime might be like doing your second Half-Ironman this year. Maybe it just keeps getting better. Seems to me it would.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your sister on the new baby in the family!! You could make her a trisuit...