Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snazzy New Digs

Well, I finally got around to making some updates I'd been meaning to get to for awhile. It was a surprising pain in the ass - Google updated blogger so you can do all this super easy layout stuff, which is great, but in switching to the "new" way, you lose all of your "old" stuff, with an option to revert whenever you like. So, after re-creating the blog the "new" way, which essentially meant rebuilding everything over on the right side, as well as the general look and feel of the blog, it appeared there was no easy way to include some of the things I like more control over, like the image there in the header, and some of the things I have laid out over on the right side. So, I reverted back to the "old" way, but then had to go through and rebuild all the changes over on the right side for the second time. Hassle factor:10. Whatever, anyway, here we are.

So, I uncluttered stuff over there, and put all the 2006 photos in one Flickr album for your perusal. Links to the Becoming Ironman movie over at YouTube, for your viewing pleasure, and I finally tacked some of my favorite blogs over in the section for the Coalition of Allied Tri-Forces. A note on those, for whatever it's worth - I'm happy to reciprocate if you've linked to me but I haven't linked to you - please just let me know. That said - I don't include these for any "reciprocating" reason - these are just blogs I like. Check 'em out if you haven't, but I think probably most of you have.

A note, too, about the new image up top - I've shared that one with you before, but except for some cleaning up I didn't add any razzle dazzle effects to that image - it was really just that foggy out there. Taken on my last long ride before Ironman. By my friend Mike. The picture speaks to me. And seems perfect for heading into the "unknown" of Transition. Thanks again, Mike.

Alright well, updates tomorrow on training, et. al. - hope all is well with you, and that you enjoy the new paint on the walls -


TriSaraTops said...

Love the updates!

I am avoiding the new blogger like the plague. I'm not so good at html and I like things the way they are, and fear if I try to switch I'll screw it all up! :)

Triteacher said...

The "new paint" rocks! The foggy picture speaks to me too.

I'm in new blogger, but was such a newbie when the switch came that it was pretty painless. Huh, sometimes it pays to not have a lot to lose!

TJ said...

the picture up top is cool. looks like a bit like an Xray.

Pharmie said...

Love the new digs! I am barely techie enough to run my own blog, so the new blogger scares me. I'll probably stick with the old one till they MAKE me change something!

RunBubbaRun said...

Great pic on top. Brings back memories of those long training rides for IM.

Maybe one day I'll make mine pretty cool as well.

Steve S. said...

Nice pic up top!

Robin said...

Love your blog's look, and that photo just speaks of all of it, what IM training is all about. It's gorgeous.

And I agree on new blogger. What a major PITA. At least you can still edit the HTML though.