Friday, September 07, 2007

Ironman Week: Updated Frequently...

UPDATE 9/7: Tidying up loose ends...

Well, most of the athletes are getting ready to roll, so in case anybody's still out there in blogland, this will be my last pre-Ironman post. I hope to post my own race report Saturday sometime, but it's a crazy weekend so it could come Monday.

You can track athletes live all day at - just plug in a number and it'll tell you how splits are going for that athlete.

Erin: #102
Bob (Brazo): #1402
Pharmie: #2023
Steve in a Speedo: #386
Stu: #1258
Wil: #2169, wearing Black & White 2XU Trisuit
IM Able: #53
RunBubbaRun: #1317Tri-Dummy: #748
JWM: #831

Madisonions - we're getting together to have dinner on 9/18. Any and all are welcome. I'll have a dedicated post for it next week, but just planting that seed now -

Have a great race, everybody. Can't wait for the race reports!


One last thing...

The week starts getting crazy now, and many of you will be traveling Wednesday or Thursday - online time will be a luxury you'll soon not have, if you haven't lost it already. In case you're still out there, IMWI '07 athletes, just one last thing:

Thank you.

It's been my honor and privilege to follow you mile by mile this year. This virtual playground is a strange thing sometimes - I'm constantly describing my "friends" I've never met to my wife, sharing your stories like I would an old buddy's I just shared beers with. It's an interesting question to ponder why we all keep blogs like this, share ourselves like this, find our mutual spaces like we do - but I'm glad it happens.

Sunday is the celebration of all you've worked for. It's the culmination of all your sacrifices, daydreams, and long-time hopes...not to mention mileage. Ironman is more than a race - you know that by now. In fact, the race seems sometimes the least significant part of it all. But its mysteries are deep, and I can tell you that even having done it once and being in training for it again still two years out, its allure and affect are just as strong and curious and magnificent and brilliant. Ironman transcends the swim, bike, and run, and certainly the athlete who engages it. It's a rare and beautiful thing in life, to partake in something so genuinely larger than yourself.

Your adventure will be a great one, whatever happens. And, with absolutely no melodrama intended, you will not be the same afterwards.

In toe-ing the line, you're doing more than most people. For that, you are timeless.

Go now, Become Ironman.



Brazo said...

Hey XT4 -- My BIB# will be 1402. Can't wait to "Lace em up"!! Looking forward to seeing you on the sidelines -- I'll need all the cheering that I can get...

Enjoy your day,

Anonymous said...

kkocan (Trifuel name)
1st IM, can't wait.

Erin said...

I'm Erin the Cuzin and I'm all stupid excited for all of you guys too. I can't wait to hear how you do, Chris' story of volunteering (because I think I'd like to do that sometime, too), and his story seeing each of you pass by. Hats off on all the hard preparation work, tons of support and prayers for a strong FINISH!

I'm galaxies away from being a triathlete but I'm one hellava cheerleader!

JB07 said...

As my search came back this morning with my name and BIB# - my stomach churned. Pre-race jitters have officially starting 9 days out.


Have a great holiday weekend.

Tri-Thomps said...

Hey XT4, I'll pass the baton in the finisher's chute to you around 9pm. I'm handing out medals from 6-9pm.


T-Storms said...

Would love to meet up! There's a bunch of us from Gear West volunteering as wet-suit strippers and then again at one of the run/aid stations.
We should plan on meeting before or after the volunteers meeting Saturday a.m.
I'm thinking a little Gatorade swim action might be in order after the meeting.
Email me if you care to meet up or join me for a swim!

RunBubbaRun said...

Hey X,

I will be wearing my spiderman IM jersey, does that qaulify for the Justice league now :)

Just scream at me if I'm slacking at IMWI.. Going for 2 for 2.. Wohoo..

Pharmie said...

Number 2023 checking in! I'll probably be in a light blue or white top and navy running shorts with light blue stripes down the sides. I'm changing in T2 :) Oh, and my silver Nike hat. Also, I think Big Mike (linked from steve's blog) is volunteering at the finish. He sounds like a totally cool guy. Maybe he'd like to join up with some other volunteers? Can't wait to meet everybody out there!!!

RunBubbaRun said...

Number #1317 here, I'll post the jersey on my blog soon..

Steve S. said...

I'm #386, and I hope to be naked most of the time!......

TriSaraTops said...

TriSaraTops = stuck in front of computer ALL FREAKIN' DAY.


SO JEALOUS!!!! Have fun!!!

bigmike600 said...

BigMike volunteer at body marking
J-Wim also volunteer at body marking

Tri-Dummy is 748

T-Storms said...

Wetsuit stripper & Run Aide Station - State Street from 3:00 - 7:30

Woo hoo!

xt4 said...

You know you're there in IM spirt, TST! I'll be thinking of you!

Triteacher said...

GREAT idea!!!

jwm said...

JWM with his toes in the water on 9/9 as #831. See you all out there.


Anonymous said...

Wearing black wetsuit for swim. ;)
Bike, will be on silver trek with Renn disc, hed jet 60 front, LG rocket helmet, blue and silver.
Run/bike will be black shorts and either blue LG top or white with grey sides Desoto top.

Erin said...

Just wanted to say, "thank you." Your blog, your journey, inspired me to start my own, and you've provided so much wonderful advice and so many words of encouragement to so many of us newbies this year. I, for one, appreciate your honesty and energy more than you'll ever imagine!

xt4 said...

Geez Erin what a lovely thing to say. I feel humbled.

Whatever inspiration from here... has been returned tenfold.

To the continued journey, and to moving forward...

Brazo said...

I'll be wearing a yellow bike shirt on a Trek 5000 with silver shoes. On the run -- black hat, nike head band, black/red tri shorts, asics, probably a red shirt. Medical tent -- sheet, IV....just kidding.

Getting closer!!

bbieberitz said...

I will be watching on state street from 9-11 and then the finish line 11-midnight. I will have a Discovery channel yello hat on and a Craft red running jacket. See some of you there?

Spandex King said...

Spandex King at the Cross Plains Aid station of the bike.