Friday, January 25, 2008

Less Triumphant

So. Well, the grand 6 week experiment has hit a few bumps, which have all been lessons in themselves. Nothing catastrophic - I've not, y'know, gorged on burritos and chips until I couldn't walk, but I have had lunch meetings with clients, and done some traveling which required, despite truly my best efforts, a chicken sandwich or two at a fast food joint (I have substituted apples for fries at least), and yesterday on my way to a meeting I sincerely needed some breakfast, and with getting my daughter ready to go to her aunt's house and prepping for this meeting and every other thing, I was relegated to a Breakfast Burrito at McD while en route, because it seemed the least offensive.

Compounding all this is that it's been cold. Damn cold. Sinister cold. Piss a person off just for going outside cold. And while I like to walk around like a tough guy, it's just not practical to get out the door at 6:30pm when it's 2 below. If that makes me a dandy, then so be it. I'm in the market for a treadmill.

So really, all last week was kind of a wash, and I feel irritable about it. I wasn't able to be structured with my running, and I was required to be more flexible than I wanted to be with my eating. The thing about eating healthy is it's inconvenient. This is part of why this country is lolling around in its own gristle. The reality of my life right now is that it's crazy. At least, crazier than anything it's ever been before. Which - I have no regrets about that at all, in fact I'm rather enjoying it, but it doesn't lend itself to the kind of forethought that healthful eating really requires. This is no excuse, just another challenge in the process. It's not just, I'm finding, that one has to be really determined to eat healthfully even when situations are optimum, but that entire industries exist around portable foods (think donuts, cookies, anything you can grab and ingest while on the go) to accommodate how busy people are. Walk into a gas station, and seriously, you're lucky if you can find a banana. Some Ho-Ho's, though, are right there next to the batteries.

Mmmmm. Ho Ho's.

So, I'm giving myself a C+ for last week, and a B so far on the whole experiment. 3 weeks to go, though...still lots of time to get back to an A. With warmer temps promised (I'm not, like, wanting for balmy. Just - how about about 5 degrees), I'll be back into my running schedule as well next week. So, I'll aim for an A+ next week - no missed workouts, no matter what, and nothing unhealthy, no matter what. Here's hoping...


CznE said...

Hey dude- The picture isn't showing up for me.

And I was already craving Mexican, then you mentioned Burrito. mmmmburrito.

Food here is not good. Everything is a little off. I'm grossed out by everything meat so I've had a lot of cheese and cooked veggies.

I might try to find pizza this weekend.

Hang in there, hop back on the bus. Stay warm.

Triteacher said...

I see you're keeping it real. That is admirable.

Rainmaker said...

Burrito's are unhealthy? Crap. That's changes things a bit.

I loved that photo (it downloaded for me in my reader). I'm keeping that one for later!

Kim said...

i love that you graded yourself. i often give myself an F- for eating. but youre making me hungry with this burrito/pizza talk. damn you!