Tuesday, March 11, 2008


When is a 3 mile run not a 3 mile run?

When it's the first meaningful, intentional run in more than 6 weeks. When it's cracked 40 degrees and these mountains of snow are on the melt, at long long last. When the icy, rutted sidewalks are now just wet, with the occasional slush, so that you arrive home with legs gloriously spattered with mud and your dog requiring a hose-down before entering the house. When it feels (he was surprised to realize) like spring in high school track season. Speaking of which, when you pass the high school track team coming the opposite way. When you meet other runners, and toss a casual wave that says so much more - "we survived, eh?"

We may get more snow, and it'll likely get cold again. But I officially declare the end of winter. Huzzah!

In other news, the White Witch is dead, and Aslan has returned to Narnia.

I have been woefully absent here, but it was all with good purpose. I told you that the endless winter was messing with my mojo - but the peak of this cold and blustery misery coincided with a juggernaut work project that I'm wrapping up this week. I made the executive decision not to fight it - I swam a few times, I ran a few times, but mostly with a spirit of just waiting it out. I concentrated on work, on my family, and these other things. Kind of a proverbial rainy day, only it was snowy, and it lasted for a long damn time. But the sun is coming out at last, and the season feels upon us.

Still, the strange winter means I'm in the least-good-shape (that was a horribly worded phrase, sheesh) I think I've ever been in spring, and will have to spend probably until the end of April just in solid base training. I have to have a look at my tentative race schedule to see what that might mean - but s'okay. That's all just part of it. Working it all in.

Anyway, my girl Teach tagged, me, so I'll get to that in my next post. I'm headed to fabulous Las Vegas next week to vacation with friends, which I'm really looking forward to. It'll be time to go get some new Kayono's soon, and before you know it, me and 'Blue will be hitting the dusty trail once again. It feels good to be back.


Triteacher said...

You said, "It feels good to be back."


Have a ball in Vegas, X. I'll be a couple states away in Denver. Woot!

Ridge Racer said...

I gotta love this post. Ahh, the feel of spring. With my first Tri coming in June, I feel that running outside (for once) may jumpstart my training.

Steve Stenzel said...

Sweet. Here comes training season.

MUT said...

Vegas. OUCH!! I will sleep for you.