Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well I don't know what to say about this stupid Achilles. The intense stretching is certainly helping - I'm less sore during the day, and except for yesterday's run, it's been much better when actually working out. That said, today it's really stiff, almost like a sprained ankle. Bah. Whatever - it appears with stretches, etc. that I can exert some influence over it, so that makes me feel like I'm okay to keep running on it. I haven't, in the last several runs, felt anything that makes me think I should pull over right this second. Nor do I feel anything after my run that makes me think I'm exacerbating the issue or making it worse. It seems I just have an injury, period. One I can deal with, but which may slow me down a bit - if not physically, per se, then for all the mental energy I'm spending on thinking about my damn right foot whenever it hits the ground. Anyway, I said to Amy today, "I just need to get through the marathon, then I can rest", and she laughed and asked me if I was aware of how stupid that sounded - "just need to get through a marathon", like it's an inconvenient afternoon meeting before I head to vacation or something.


I love the Olympics. Also, it's killing my sleep.


ITU, ie draft legal, ie Olympic triathlon, is kinda boring. What's the point of the 25 mile bike peloton? It lacks the distance where the peleton is part of the chess match, like it is in pro cycling. So basically dudes jump on the bike to just ride around for awhile before the real race starts on the run. Meh.

Hunter Kemper, what happened, dude?


What Alili said about Bolt. This guy is - what - 21? 22? It shows. First rule of winning: act like you've been here before. Punk.


I hate that I read online somewhere recently the words "J.Lo" and "triathlon" in the same sentence. Google it if you're that curious.


I read also that they're already seeing a significant increase in swimming interest since Phelps. This is cool and all - it's like the spike in cycling that went on around Lance's chase for the TDF legacy. It won't last long, I'm sure, but hopefully there will be some that get started and really find something cool in it to stick around. My question is, wouldn't it be natural for some of those people to find their way to triathlon, since it's a sensible competitive venue for people (read: hacks like me) who would otherwise have no business competing in a swim race?


Speaking of which, I was going to race this weekend, but by the time I got around to registering today (I had held off until today to make sure of the Achilles from the last few workouts), it's full. I am full-on disappointed. Let's see if my groveling email to the race directors makes a difference.


That's what's new with me, what's new whichu?


Anonymous said...

That Bolt guy totally acted like a douche. Blech.

The Olympics are killing my sleep, too.

Anonymous said...


Megan said...

oh my gosh that triathlon was so boring it actually lulled me back to sleep over my morning coffee. at first i was like, "why is the Tour being replayed on the USA channel" only to be surprised at the true answer.

and bolt? i thought the same thing - i think its one thing to celebrate because, come on, you'r elike the fastest man in the world, at least for 100 m. but the showboating was what got me fired up. you just dont do that at a place like the olympics. save that stuff for running blocks around the neighborhood. i agree with krista - douche.

and jlo? sad, but true. there's a report that when she went on GMA yesterday, she was complaining about how everyone was talking so much about "the swimmer" (phelps) and not giving her enough attention for the triathlon she was about to do six months post baby.

i know - it hurt me to even have to write that paragraph. bolt may have some comitition in the Douche Run.

Alili said...

I am so glad someone else wanted to slap Bolt. I've been taking some heat for being so opinionated on that one.


Completely agree with you on the ITU rules for the Olympics...boring.

Oooh, the man is applying for jobs in Madison...know any great attorneys?

Erin said...

I read that the other day about J-Lo, too. It makes me irrationally angry. I'm sure it'll be just like Katie Holmes's "marathon"...sad, perhaps, but maybe fun to watch.

And thanks, Kritta for that thoroughly entertaining link. What a dumb, arrogant beeyoch. Unbelieveable. I hope she doesn't make it to T1.