Friday, September 11, 2009

Tracking me on race day

If you'd like to follow my progress on race day, there are a few ways you can be part of the action. The race starts at 7:00am on Sunday morning.

1. Go to on race day, and choose to "Track an Athlete". My bib # is 93. I'll be wearing a timing chip, and everytime I step over a timing mat on the course, my times will be updated online. This means you'll get the first update after the swim, then another when I start the bike, another mid-way through the bike, and another when I'm off the bike. You'll get a few updates, about every 6 miles or so, on the run.

2. The easiest, and coolest way to follow me is via MyAthlete; this year I'll be wearing a GPS device on me throughout the race (after the water - so, on the bike and run). You can access a website on your computer or your mobile device such as an iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, etc. and see my progress in real-time; where I am on the course, how fast I'm going, etc. A great way to see what's happening as it happens! If you're here in Madison and will be on course, a good way to keep updated so you know when you might expect me.

For web browsers on your desktop/laptop computer or your iPhone, visit:

For other handheld devices such as Blackberry or Palm, visit:

Note: Certain versions of the Blackberry browser do not work. You can download for free the Opera-mini browser on your Blackberry at

3. Starting at around 3:30pm, will have a live video feed of the finish line - just look for the link to "live coverage". Somewhere around 7:00 or after I'll be crossing, and you can watch a live video feed of my finish. The best way to manage this would be to track via the other options first, so you know more specifically what time I'll be crossing. Note too that last week, to everybody's pissed-offness, the video feed was AWOl from Ironman Kentucky. Hopefully they've got it straightened out now.

4. Finally, I'll be turning over the Twitter controls to Amy and the Team for race day. The plan is that somebody will update as the day is going by with news and reports for how it's going out there. My Twitter automatically updates Facebook, so if you follow me on Twitter or are a friend at Facebook, you should enjoy the play by pay.

Put all these web options up on multiple browser windows and you shall have a veritable potpourri, a bonanza, if you will, of Ironman geekery and information. Awesome.

That's it! I'll be wearing a white, red and black Ironman Wisconsin racing kit; primarily white top, black bottom. On the bike I'll have a huge blue aero helmet on that makes me look like a dorky astronaut, and my machine is a little hard to miss - it has a big blue and black disc wheel on the back (click the picture for bigger/better resolution):

The machine is flight ready. on Twitpic

On the run, about the only things that might set me apart from everybody else are my crazy lime green Newtons:

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

And I might be wearing white sleeves on my arms; arm coolers, to manage the heat. I'll have my number on me, though - 93 - and under the number it says my name "CHRIS".

There you go - thanks for all the support everybody, I really appreciate it!


Maria said...

Good luck! I'll be tracking you (aka stalking)!

Mommymeepa said...

I met you last year at the blogger dinner on Saturday night. I will be out volunteering from 1030-730 at a state street run aid station. The station is jungle theme. I will look for you. When do you think you will cross the finish line if all goes well?

Take care and have fun.


Anonymous said...

We have Texas Orange shirts that say "I see Crazy People on the front and have Team Bert with a donkey on the back. We'll watch for you and cheer you on. SO, if you see a glob of us - you know we are Robert's family! Best of Luck!!!

Sven said...

Hello Chris,

have fun and good luck. Go for it Tiger! Show them that you are made out of Iron ;)

One week before my Ironman i was already preparing in my mind almost all the time. Then i heard Alanis Morisette "Crazy" on the Radio and i was immediatly trilled and remembered your video :-)

Good luck and have fun.


Krista said...

You're going to do so great! I'm gearing up my BlackBerry tonight to follow you. Can't wait to watcvh!

Amy said...

Good luck! I've been lurking around your blog for a while, but thought I should tell you how inspiring I find your quest for your 2nd IM finish and I hope that your day is going well today and that you finish strong and happy!
I'm really looking forward to reading all about it!

richvans said...

Just watched you cross the line on the net. Congrats - Mr. 2X Ironman! Does that make you XT8? Way to hang in there on what looks like it was some tough sledding on the last 30 of the bike and the marathon.

Mommymeepa said...

Congrats on a job well done. Never saw you yesterday, was looking, but it was crazy at the aid station where I was working. Great job. Cannot wait to read about it. It was crazy hot out there. I was dying just serving you all water, so can't imagine what it was like to race. Congrats again. You rocked it!!!

jburns92 said...

Thanks for the awesome info on the bike course and my wife and I eagerly await your documentary of your 2009 IMWI. Your info was invaluable in preparing for my first. BIB# 742


richvans said...

I registered for next year - and I blame you and your sweet myathlete tracker. Downloading and saving your $.02 for daily reading between now and 9/10/10.