Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Advice of Fools

Well first off, if you're checking in at the blog (as opposed to an aggregator or reader), you'll see that it's finally undergone a much needed facelift. So that's something.

After a few false starts (what can I say, I loathe winter training. If it takes me longer to get dressed than to workout, I lose interest) the season, like springtime, is finally and officially underway. I wanted to share a few insights in the coming days/weeks about training and racing - a series of "Your First Triathlon" kind of things, something like that. I have several friends racing this summer in their first Sprint, Olympic, or Iron distance races, and thought it'd be useful to get these thoughts down where anybody can check them out. So, stay tuned for that - the first of which coming in a matter of days.

But a caveat emptor to the upcoming series; I'm no expert. This will be my 7th season in the game, and I still feel like I'm figuring it all out (and may I never feel otherwise...). My best race is still ahead of me. I can think, of all my races, of one - the Lifetime Triathlon in 2009 - where I truly put it all together. So as usual (and really, it should be the parenthetical title of this blog for as often as I want to say it) - what the hell do I know? You should, as always, take what works and throw out what doesn't. I seek only to share what I know, and even if I speak with some sense of authority on something, I trust you'll figure out your own path doesn't necessarily jive with mine.

So with that, I'll be writing about the Sprint distance, coming soon. Stay tuned.


M said...

you're back! love the new look, and can't wait to hear what you have to say this season!

(p.s. totally agreed on the winter training - somehow in the last year, my Tough Factor took a nosedive, and I can barely fathom any sort of outdoors activity. bring on the spring!)

Mommymeepa said...

Yay. You're back. I love the new look and I look forward to your advice. I am doing my first Oly this summer, so I can't wait to read what you have to say.

Take care,

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Rotorhead said...

What is this winter you speak of?

Love the blog, and the videos. Training for my first tri (sprint, end of May).