Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hello Moto

Wow, an exhausting weekend. Lots of work to do - it's apparently a theme just now - so I missed 2 workouts this weekend. When I have that kind of workload, and the kind where my mind is wrapped around the projects, it's pretty obsessing. I have to follow it through until it's finished, and the day slips by quickly. Missing a workout becomes a sort of poignant regret...I feel like it's an opportunity lost, and I always worry - especially this early in my base training - that I'm losing time and training I just can't get back. It's not necessarily like that, but it's how I feel. Anyway, I'm hopeful that I can keep things straight and organized in the coming months. This may just turn into a journal of balancing entrepreneurship with triathlon. Hardly anything special...people do far more interesting things while training for triathlon. I don't have it particularly tough. Yet, this is my journey.

Boy howdy, there is some dreck spittle noise happening on American Idol just now.

Some new shoes: I've been training in some old Brooks from 2004 since The Great Marathon Feet Massacre of 2005. So some new Nike Air Max Moto IV. A full size larger than my normal size - I think that was Iris' advice, and it makes sense considering my poor luck so far with shoes, and how swelled my feet get after long miles. Nice and light, comfortable right now. One workout with them so far, which says nothing at all, but at least my feet didn't bleed and I didn't develop club toe.

In full on calorie counting mode for the next few months. 4 pounds lost last week, which is encouraging - I hope to average 2 pounds a week. We shall see.


Todd said...

The first few showings of American Idol are hilarious, I'm thinking of trying out next year and showin off my pipes. How far are your current run sessions that your feet swell? Good lord, that can't be good. I'm doin about 5 miles now and no problems with the feet thus far thankfully. I'm rockin some Asics Gel Kayano XI's. They are pretty dang comfy. Keep it up man, I dropped 5 pounds last week but that was the first week which is always easy. 25 more to go by June 4. Which by the way, I officially signed up for the Buffalo Triathlon as well. Starting to think I bit off more than I could chew, we shall soon see. The swim sessions are going, good or bad, I couldn't tell yah. I may need to schedule a time with you for some professional advice. Alas, work is calling, later man. Keep on truckin! Oh, and by the way. Check out my web page from FMIS 1201 from way back in 2000, the thing is still running!

xt4 said...

My feet won't get swelly until after, like, 18 miles or something. At least if the Marathon is any indication. At that point they get all Incredible Hulk and break out of their skin. Good times. I've never owned any Asics, but they're a popular shoe. I remember back in the day when the company was called Tiger, and the sho was called Asics. Tiger Asics. Like Nike Air Force. Sweet that you're doing Buffalo - critical to get some open water swimming in before your A race. And glad your swim sessions are going well. I'm happy to give you any advice, though how sound it is I take no responsibility for. You'll have to sign a waiver.

Patric said...

Ummm you made a reference to a club toe in your last entry. In your next entry could you be more sensitive to those of us who are not blessed with non-club toe feet!!!! Thanks, and just so you know I own a pair of Tiger Asics right now, they are fricken sweet and my workout shoes are regular Asics, they are great too.

Abby said...

Club toe. Now that's something you definitely DON'T want.

Patric said...

Ouch, that hurts Abby, you know how sensitive I am to the club toe!!!!J/K Lets see you all go through life as gracefully as I have if you had my club toe condition, I bet you couldnt handle it!!!! PS, we all need to get together soon, you included Mr. Bintliff.