Wednesday, January 11, 2006


A solid couple of workouts the last few days. Short in mileage, but yesterday's especially was worthwhile - strength conditioning on the treadmill, going from 8-12 incline in 2 minute intervals, up to my anaerobic threshold (that point, measured by heart rate, when the body stops burning fat and starts burning sugar). Still, it's been tough the last 2 days just to get out the door. I've often said that, were it not for owning my own business, I don't honestly think I could do triathlon. I'm not the kind who'll get up at 5am to go workout, and I remember from my commuting days how weary I was upon getting home. That I have the flexibility to take a long lunch if needed, or get a few hours in the afternoon, or make up work in the evening if I have a long ride in the springtime before it gets dark is a significant advantage for me. But the other edge of that sword is that when I leave the helm, the ship is unsupervised. Deadlines need to be met, projects satisfied, progress made. It's difficult sometimes to get out the door, and it's easy to make training dispensable. I read somewhere once how a person needs to have the mentality that nothing is more important than training. That should be interpreted with some perspective - of course there are more important things than training - but the gist of the statement is to give it the same gravity you would any other serious appointment in life - a doctor's appointment, a work meeting, dinner with the family. I try to adhere to that, though I can't realistically always succeed. It's a struggle sometimes. Not to misrepresent - I'm obnoxiously blessed to have these things in my life, and my business is among the greatest things. I enjoy every second of it, even when it's pushing into my training time. But the last 2 days have been typical of the juggling I sometimes find myself doing.

Anyway, s'all for today. Time for my 9:00 snack and some Miami Vice before sleep. In the words of Rico Tubbs, "Crockett! Be cool!"

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Chris--I'm super proud of you! I know that before you even show up at the start line, getting the training in (and making the most of each session) is a major accomplishment in and of itself! Congrats on getting this far, and here's to many awesome workouts (and don't forget those recovery ones) in the weeks and months ahead! I'll be thinking of you! -A. Bryant (Ali)