Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wet Redemption

Well, I've had a bit of foot pain since my short run on Monday - time for new shoes already, I think. So I'm not running the rest of the week, and since today is my long run, I substituted an hour long continuous swim; something I haven't done at all this season is continually swim. So really I wasn't even sure what I was capable of in terms of distance and endurance in the water. And I've had a few pretty crappy water workouts lately to boot.

Anyway, finally a good swim today. I plugged in my SWIMP3 player - a cool contraption that uses bone conduction to essentially become "headphones" in the water. I kept around a 2:00 average pace, and I figure I swam just south of 2 miles. No pressure, nothing fast - just continuous and comfortable. I was getting fatigued near the end, but that's to be expected a bit at this stage.

Good for the confidence, and good for momentum in feeling like my swimming is coming along. Another half mile - some 800 yards - and I'd have finished my IM distance. Good to finally get a significant workout in the pool going my way.

Picked up Ol' Blue - shiny and clean. Looking forward to what might just be a decent weekend on the bike for once!


Anonymous said...

Hope the foot is feelin better!

Great job on the swim! Cool player!!!

I found that when I did my 2.4 miles in the pool that my arms started to get that tingling feeling like the circulation was off. Do you ever get that? It is odd. In the race, I did not though.

How do you keep track of your laps? Just curious :)because I use my fingers.

Nice to see that Ol' blue is back home.

have a great weekend!! Kathi

RunIrisRun said...

Good luck finding new shoes. I just wore out my last pair of Asics 2100's and can't find anything good to replace them. When something is made great, why go changing them?

Nice work on the swim, and thanks for the nice images from the last pool post...

xt4 said...

Yeah Iris, I'd hoped to burn it as indelibly into your head as it is in mine. I'm seeking therapy presently.

Kathi, I don't feel tingling, so much as just general fatigue, especially in my pectorals and triceps. And it kind of comes on all of the sudden. I haven't experienced the tingling...but probably it's due to just the constant repetitious motion of the arms? What do I know....

When I go that long I don't count laps - I just go for an hour or 1.5 hours or whatever. If I have some ballpark of my 100 yard time - which I check maybe 3 or 4 times throughout, and if they're at all consistent - then I can just use that time to get a ballpark of my distance.

How do you count laps with your fingers in the pool???

waterproof mp3 said...

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