Thursday, September 14, 2006

Glad I didn't know then...

So...usually when a person is urinating a lot on the bike or run, it's a good thing - it means you're hydrating really well. In fact you can find yourself wanting to hydrate less, if you're flushing too many electrolytes away. And remember how I was feeling good that I was urinating so much on the bike and run? Even though each time seriously took like 3 minutes or more?


"The body's response to cold is to constrict peripheral circulation, causing cold-induced diuresis. This allows more body fluids to be lost through the kidneys and urination, accounting for the frequent feeling of having to go to the bathroom when out in the cold."

Yeah, it's a sign of hypothermia. Which, not like I didn't know I was cold, or that shivering controllably is another sign, but damn. I'm glad I didn't know it while it was going on.

Thanks TriSaraTops for bringing that bit of joy to my attention...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Chris- I like what you did with the picture at the top. Looks Awesome! Erin