Thursday, November 02, 2006

Things to Know and Share

So let's talk about something else, yes? Let's get back into what the hell's been happening outside the philosophical.

So I've gained 6 pounds since Ironman. During last year's offseason I gained about 18, so hey. I'll consider it a good thing. I feel like a glumpy sloth, but I think it's just in my head. It's weird not riding the bike for umpteen hours a day, and those are some 5000 calories or something I'm not burning. So anyway. I'm not too worried about it - if I can stay right around here for tri season, I'll be happy. Better, if I can start the season ready to gain fitness, instead of lose weight, that would be smashing.

I haven't been swimming since Ironman at all. I don't think it's a bad thing. The thing is - and I'm happy to be enlightened here if anybody as another viewpoint - is that you just don't spend enough time in the water during a race to spend forever training in it. If I work my ass off, I'll maybe improve by...2 minutes? 3? I think I'm better off increasing efficiency on the bike, or becoming a stronger, faster runner, than to spend the time required for those kinds of gains in the water. That's not laziness or anything, it's just how I think I can be most productive. So I tend to do "just enough" in the water - enough to use my muscles efficiently, not get out feeling thrashed, and ready for what's next. I'm consistently middle-of-the-pack in the water, and I'm okay with that. So I'll start swimming in January, like I usually do. 'zat stupid, you think? I dunno.

I have a new favorite thing, which is a total surprise to me, and that's the iPod. No no, I've had an iPod since 3G (which, you have to be a geek to know what that means, but it means for several years now), and that's long since been a favorite thing, but I've never trained with it (unless I'm on the treadmill or lifting weights), and training with it is a new favorite thing. I found, when I used a SwiMP3 player in the water last spring, that the workouts were infinitely more fun and, I think, productive. I'm committed to spending as little time as possible on the treadmill this winter, so I thought I'd throw some tunes in to see how that works for me - up to this point I've never trained with music, because I don't race with music, so there you go. Anyway, I downloaded one of the Nike+ songs from iTunes - the one by The Chemical Method. It's 45 minutes of continuous music. It's kind of electronica, which normally isn't my thing at all, but wow. I love it on the run. I found myself going much faster, working harder, and having more fun. I have lots of music to choose from to make my own mixes, which of course I do, but it was fun having a continuous mix to just keep going, uninterrupted, and also it's fun to have some new music in the headphones for a run, or at least something I haven't heard a billion times before. Anyway, I'm into it. Anybody else train with the iPod? Any suggestions or anything?

Best excerpt from a book I'm reading right now:
"You see I have very little left to lose," he said.
"Everyone always thinks that," commented Colonel Aspiche, "until that little bit is taken away - and feels like the whole of the world."
Chang said nothing, resenting bitterly the slightest glimmer of actual insight coming from the Colonel.

Three blogs you should check out if you haven't, but probably if you've spent any time here you have: Triteacher's and TriSaraTops's. Just the right mix of personal stuff to give one an appreciable glimpse of the being behind the blog , mixed with great triathlon anecdotes, thoughts, ideas and strategies. All this with no drama. Bookmark 'em. Also, if you're in the mood for something outside triathlon, et. al., Pharmie's husband Steve is an increasingly accomplished photographer. It's kind of fun to follow somebody else's passions as he speaks in a different language, albeit the same vernacular, as we do. And his photography really is excellent. Plus, he's in training for Ironman Wisconsin. Anyway, check him out.

Oh, and Bolder in Boulder has a great post lately, in his final days before IMFL. Man if that don't take you back to the first days of September. Awesome. My heartfelt best to everybody in Florida this weekend who is becoming Ironman.

Work has been insane. Just totally nuts. Which, as an entrepreneur, is a good thing and certainly beats the alternative. It's caused a few glitches in the workout schedule, but nothing I haven't been able to live with.

Okay well would you believe this post took me all day to write? A bit here, a bit there. Insane, this schedule I'm keeping.

So anyway, that's what I've been up to. What's new whichu?


Pharmie said...

I hear you on the swimming thing. I'm sure I'll be back in the pool soon, but for now, it's just too much work to get there. I also hear you on the glob feeling. I think I have eaten my weight in candy the last 2 months, but the other day I stepped on the scale and found I'd lost 3 pounds. Something tells me this is not a good thing. Thanks also for the heads up on Steve's blog. He's off getting famous right now in NYC:)

qcmier said...

I agree with your "diminishing returns" thought on swimming.

I can gain 5 pounds just from eating dinner. Seriously. So I don't get alarmed until I pork up about 10 lbs.

I rarely train with music. I actually read a study about that which concluded folks performed worse if they trained with music. I just prefer to have my barin wander.

Cliff said...

I have gained about 3-4 lbs since I trained last year. I am glad I ain't the only one gaining weight from this sport. Not overally worry yet.

As for music, I listen to a lot of podcast when i run. I never listen to music when i bike and i don't have a Swimp3. My personaly liking are vocal trance and euro beats. They are always positive and cheery.

triteacher said...

Thanks for the nod - lawd knows I need all the help I can get. :)

On swimming. I agree that triathletes are wise to spend more time on B/R. However I'm currently not practicing what I preach because swimming is my new love. And, as with any infatuation, I am indulging myself by pouring time and attention into it. I think you just inspired me for my next blog piece...

Steve S. said...

Thanks for the link!!!!

"increasingly accomplished"?? We'll see...