Friday, November 10, 2006

What It Took

Ack and thpt. Last night Todd and I cruised downtown (well, actually, to Uptown) to the Lagoon Theatre where the documentary What It Takes is showing - one of a handful of theatres in the country, and for one night only. It's available now on DVD, but a movie screening would definitely be the place to be. I've looked forward to it for weeks, and kind of measured my whole day by it - only seven more hours!, that sort of thing. I was in the mood for nothing else last night than to kick back with some bad-for-you movie snacks and watch some of the elite Jedi of the sport make their way through life and training to Kona 2005.

And the damn thing's sold out.

What!?! Ah crap.

Yeah, so we get all the way there, chattering about the movie and Ironman and triathlon and getting all geeked up, and as we're walking to the theatre Todd was wondering if it would be packed, and I doubted it - I have no idea why I doubted it - and even though we arrived 20 minutes early, we were greeted with a sign that it was sold out. Dammit dammit dammit. I guess I totally underestimated its popularity, or the presence of the tri community around here and its interest, or something - none of which makes any sense at all, and was mostly me being stupid. Should've gone yesterday afternoon and picked up tickets, I guess. Or something.

So anyway, that's my story about The Movie That Wasn't. I'll have to pick it up on DVD and host a movie night or something.


Todd said...

Talk about a BUZZKILL!

Pharmie said...

If you buy it, I may have to borrow it. I wanted to see it but had a meeting last night.

triteacher said...

Way to ruin a guy's night, other movie goers! Step off, already. ;) Let us know your rating when you do see it, x.