Monday, February 12, 2007


Wow, that was a tough, tough run. Eleven miles yesterday, and as I said earlier - I just haven't had the mileage in lately to make 11 miles easy. I averaged a 10:02 pace, and had to work really hard for it. The last mile was just a killer. And I stopped twice during the run to walk for a tenth of a mile and regroup. Add to that wearing spanking new shoes, and I fought a couple of blisters near the end as well. I felt pretty shot afterwards.

We also had our first Podfast race, and that really added a lot of fun for me. In fact, a few runners had run on Saturday, so I had some time goals to chase. And were it not for those, I wouldn't have pushed myself nearly as hard as I did. I'm not in position yet to chase time goals, but in a few weeks as my fitness improves, I think that'll really be a useful training motivator. As it is, I placed 3rd/4th in the 5-person field in a tie with Chip, who's doing IMFL this year. How crazy is that - a perfect tie in an 11 mile race? To the second? Crazy. I was shooting for 2nd place (Ben, who's apparently lightning, blazed in 1:19:12, though he thinks 1:25 might be more accuate with some technical difficulties...was no way in hell I was catching that!), but Txskatemom flew in under the radar during my run with a strong 1:47:48.

Anyway, I think the next two weeks, maybe three, I'll not think about speed and focus more on the distance I have each week. This week again is STILL supposed to be cold as hell - seriously, it's like in Narnia, where we've been cursed with winter forever - but next week we have highs in the mid-30's. Heatwave, baby!

It's also my last week in runner's world - starting next Monday I'm officially in Half Ironman training. I'm excited for the return of the triathlete!


Triteacher said...

OK, ignorant as hell here. But equally curious. How does that whole Podfast thing work?

TxSkatemom said...

OK, I have to come clean. You know, I never did calibrate NanoMark, so my actual mileage is something closer to 10.7, not the full 11, so that 'splains how I was able to come in faster than you two. But if it helps at all, I was hurting something fierce yesterday from effort.

Great fun! When's the next one?

xt4 said...

Teach - I have a post about the Podfast that you might want to check out. Basics - if you have an iPod nano, you can get this $30 extension thing called "Nike+iPod" that easily hooks to your shoe and your iPod. Then it tracks your distance and pace, and let's you upload that info to a nike website ( that tracks everything really nicely. You can set up "virtual" races and challenges with anybody else with Nike+iPod, so that our times are being tracked against each other. When we all/each upload, our results tell us who won. It's really cool. Check out our discussions at to see more. Make sense?

Tex - bah, I think you're just fast as hell, that's what I think. This week I have a 30 mile mileage goal that I'm interested in challenging, if anybody does. I think I'll write a quick post about it - check out for the details - glad you enjoyed it, I did too!