Thursday, May 03, 2007

Becoming Irondad

The greatest of all adventures is underway.

The ultimate of endurance events.

I'm finally telling you this Thing, So Much Larger Than Any, that has also contributed to the craziest (and greatest) springtime ever. It's been awkward to not interject it into the midst of the hows and whys.

We're having a baby.

Much more to come.







TriTimKC said...

Let me be the first to say congratulations! A whole new perspective on life is heading your way.

Wes said...

Congratulations. Ironman taught you so much about yourself. That little bundle of joy will teach you so much more about the meaning of life. I am following the trail of Ironman Moo finishers. Preparing. Thank you!!

Triteacher said...

You will make such a good dad. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

As my own son approaches driving age I can only say that nothing you have ever done whether preparation or race day compares to the exhileration, joy, fear and pain you will know as a father. This is the real race you have been preparing for.

Pharmie said...

Holy Cow! That makes 3 bloggers that I know of now (you, Siren, and TriSara Tops). I guess I'm glad I didn't have what all of the rest of you had at Stu's that day :) Maybe in a couple of years... CONGRATULATIONS!!!

TriSaraTops said...


The suspense was killin' me!

So excited you can finally share the news. Congrats to you both! You will be an awesome Irondad!

TxSkatemom said...

Congrats! Nothing in this world even comes close. I look forward to hearing your stories of Becoming IronDad!