Friday, May 18, 2007


Let's forget for a moment the broader discussion of doping in sports, or the mulitbajillion dollar contracts in baseball or football that might infect one's personal ethics so that doping becomes a potential for any athlete.

And nevermind if it's worth the risk in pro cycling (it isn't), considering how relatively little a pro cyclist gets paid (in scheme of pro sports in general).

Nevermind how corrupt the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and USADA almost certainly are.

And nevermind if Floyd did it or not. Or that Greg LeMond seems so often like such a puke of a guy.

How in the hell, how in the hell, can anything so grand-scheme-unimportant as racing bicycles come to this?

I'm embarrassed by the lot of them. Shame on the game.


Robin said...

I"m shaking my head right there with you. I've never understood cheating. What does it mean to a person to win then? Any as you said, why is it so important to be the fastest person to push pedals around on a 2-wheeled contraption?

Chance said...

Sorry off the subject....
Great Videos! Outstanding job. Where did you get your finisher video with your name, time, and "you are an ironman."?