Friday, April 25, 2008

Me and my big plans

Well, I had big ideas for the race this weekend. It all hinged on the bike - if I could cruise, I mean really cruise, then I could maybe - just maybe put myself in position for a sub-1:10 finish. Things would have to go nearly perfectly - I'd have to be out of the water in under 9:00. Transitions would have to be perfectly executed. I'd have to be off the bike in just under 40:00. And if both of those things occurred, and I started the run with anywhere under 50:00 of total racetime, then I'd have to have the 5k of my life. It did not, at any point, seem a terribly realistic plan, but it seemed like a really aggressive goal that I could have fun chasing at each of the 3 disciplines.

Then I got sick on Wednesday night, and yesterday ingested maybe 800 calories all day because I had no appetite, had a fever, and was weak as hell. Last night I didn't feel much better, and was seriously wondering if I'd DNS this race. Happily, I'm feeling better today - if not full strength. I've just been trying to eat today and get things back - I'll maybe try a run this afternoon and see how fatigued I feel.

Then the asstastic weather forecast came in. The temps - mid-40's - I can live with, but if it's raining, that'll suck and make it a lot colder, and if it's really windy, then all bets are off. Then I got an email from the race director telling us that with the recent rains (read: wrath of Zeus thunderbolts all night last night, sheesh) the nature preserve the run is held on is "like an Adventure race" - ha! So I'm thinking super-fast 5k times are out the window. Oh well, such is life. Slogging through ankle-deep water in 40 degree weather is fun too. Just...a different kind of fun.

Meanwhile, I'll be joining Steve (in a chicken suit) and Pharmie and RobbyB (and who else?) at the Twin Cities Marathon in October - the first time back since '05. Woot!

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Pharmie said...

Yea for TCM! Sounds like Stu may be there as well! Glad you're feeling better, but I blame this crappy weather all on you! Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go buy more warm clothes for my du on Sun.