Saturday, April 26, 2008


Have you ever noticed how some pros have their names on their bikes? Like, Chris McDonald has "Macca" on his top tube (look closely next time you're reading Triathlete or Inside Triathlon.) I always thought this was cool - like how fighter pilots have their name and call sign underneath their position in the cockpit: "Maverick". That's cool. So I hit up ebay and found a few companies that provide custom bike decals, and picked one that gave me a few options as far as size and especially font. They arrived yesterday, and I put them on today.

See it? Look underneath the saddle. Here's a closeup -

How dope is that!?!? It actually is one of those things that looks much cooler in person. So I installed the two on the machine...and had, like, 10 left over. They come in sheets 12" long - most people put a whole name on there, I guess, and stretch it across the top tube or something. Since I only had a 1" x 2" graphic, they just repeated it several times on the 12" sheet. So I started looking around for other stuff to put it on. Because I'm just that kind of dork. Because my ego is just that inflated. Here it is on my helmet!

Sweet! Then I took after my astronaut hat - removing the big old "GIRO" decals from the sides (which, once I looked at it, were a bit obnoxious anyway for their size) and replaced them with these:

Tasty! Man, it's a regular pimp extravaganza over here. And - I still have a bunch of these left! I'm looking to xt4 everything around here. The toaster! The back of the toilet! How about on all the phone handsets? Let's put one on the baby's crib! Hey, where's the basset hound, they'd look smashing on her! JoJo! Hey, JoJo!


Triteacher said...

Ha! Have fun - though it sounds like you are already!!

Anonymous said...

OMg, you are sooooo funny. heidi

Ridge Racer said...

Straight out of "Pimp My Ride" Ha ha