Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweaty Head

I have lots of favorite things. Some of them are essentials in my mind - the Garmin, for instance, or my FSA compact crankset on Vapor. Others please me, but I could probably live without them. I had thought until last week that my Headsweats bandana fell into the latter category, but I was wrong. Turns out I'm a dribbling mess without it.

If you don't know, Headsweats makes headwear with some crazy advanced sweat-wicking system. Sweat-wicking hats are a dime a dozen, and I have lots of 'em. My must-have item is called the Cool Max Classic, which is "multi-use headwrap" - think bandana.

Right, the little tail thingies, I guess those are just for looks or something, because you don't actually tie anything - it just quickly fits on your head, all stretchy and elastic like. And the bandana look invokes images of rogue motorcyclists in the's actually pretty subtle. Here I am at Ironman '06, and you can't really see it at all underneath my cap:

(Thanks for the photo, Steve!)

Here you can see it from the side, mostly just the little tail thingy sticking out:

Anyway, the thing is a friggin' sponge. I put it on in T1, and it stays on the rest of the day, underneath my bike helmet and then my running cap. Here it is under the bike hat - again, except for the tail thingy (which you can't see in this picture), pretty much unnoticeable:

So I've used it for years and years, and just kind of accepted it as part of my training/racing attire. The other day on my 26 mile ride, though, it was in the wash, so I just headed out sans anything underneath my helmet. It wasn't even that hot of a day, and seriously within 20 minutes I was dripping all over my Oakleys, having to rub my brow every other minute. Stuff like that adds to a hassle factor that I have little tolerance for - I figure the work is hard enough, small discomforts shouldn't add to the challenge. I realized how essential the Headsweats thing is, and how much I appreciate it.

I've been out in 100+ degree weather with this thing on my head, and it just sucks up sweat. I never have to think about it when I'm biking or running. It's pretty much an essential for summertime workouts. Added bonus - on really hot races, I soak it with ice water at an aid station, or even cram some ice cubes underneath it.

Extra points: They carry Ironman licensed gear, so if you're all about the M-Dot, there you go.

Anyway, I've purchased from them online, and I've seen them in a few stores here and there. No more expensive than another running hat, and you'll use it for years. Besides the bandana thingies they have lots and lots of hats - I've picked up a few visors for my peeps. Check 'em out - I bet you'll dig it like I do. Tell 'em x sent you!

(PS - a la Steve in a Speedo - dear Headsweats people, please send me free junk. Love, x).


Team Brazo said...

Hey, I must try one of those. My only concern is that I don't look like an "IronMan" as it is, now I'll add some "cool" item to my attire and I'll look more like a goof. But you know what -- I don't care, I'm ordering one of those with the DOT-M.

KodaFit said...

I'm thinking I may have to order one as well... After my race saturday, one lady asked where I got the sunscreen? I was confused till she pointed out the white streaks all over my face - Not sunscreen, and doesn't feel too good when you try rub it in.

OK-headsweatz, this looks like the second potential customer from this post... You gotta hook the man up!

Collin said...

I'm tired of gumming up my sunglasses with sweat, so I'll be taking your advice and ordering a couple of these.

TxTriSkatemom said...

I've been looking for one of these for my boy to wear when he plays hockey... looks cool enough I might get one for me for the bicycle.