Friday, May 30, 2008

What's mine is yours

A few weeks ago, marathon2tri asked me for an audio-only version of the Becoming Ironman Prologue video - complete with the NBC commentary I spliced in, etc. Here you go - all are welcome to it: just right-click your mouse on the link and "save as" to put it somewhere on your own computer. Proliferate freely. Put in on repeat on your iPod. Learn the lyrics and sing it in the shower. May it assist in freeing its listeners of spoons.

Crazy: Becoming Ironman Mix

Also, kind of a long while back, a surprising number of people expressed interest in the 3-face logo. This got me thinking in general about a few creative ideas I might kick around. Namely, designing some cool triathlete/athlete-minded designs for clothing that I would wear. Like, if I saw it in a store, I'd say "Dude, I'm buying that." So what I'm in the process of doing - it goes a little slow, as I'm able to really only dedicate my "free" time to it - is setting up an online store where these designs will be on t-shirts, track jackets, technical tees, etc. The "store", and the "statement" of the clothing, is called Forge Further, the purpose of which is not to make a million dollars, but just to have some sensible mechanism to distribute this stuff to anybody who might want it. So.

Anyway, here's a sneak-peek at a few of the designs I'm working on - click on them for bigger versions, where you can see a bit more detail. And expect changes before these actually go "live".

These first are the main logos. Some small changes to come on these.

This one is from a Turkish proverb, A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man. I was thinking of this one in the offseason, when everybody's lathargic and hating on the trainer and couldn't run 3 miles without getting out of breath and limping home. Wait, that's not just me, is it? Anyway, good to be reminded of what's really in there:

And this one is from some visualization I do sometimes when I'm trying to run sub 7:00. This one has some work left on it, I think:

Anyway, that gives you an idea of what's to come. I would appreciate any feedback, so feel free (including negative - I'm not sensitive). I have other ideas in store (ha, no pun intended), and I'll plan to just share them here once I've made them tangible. What do you think?

Also, working on a Favorite Things about my Newtons. I figure I'll keep that Favorite thing going once a week or so, since I seem to have so many opinions on so many things...

Train hard everybody - race day is closer than you think!


KodaFit said...

I like 'em!

Jason said...

Way cool!!!

I'd drop the crown on the two....unless you're in the Latin Kings :)

xt4 said...

I'm with you Jason - that's precisely the change I'm going to make!

marathon2tri said...

Thanks for the music file!! I will add it to my mp3 player just in time for my long run this weekend. You continue to inspire. The "it's all up top, it's in your head" (with an accent) quote fits nicely with the recent discussion of kitchen utensils.

Scott said...

Dark navy Blue long sleeve t-shirt (cotton or tech). On the back, the three faces only. . . in white (personal preference is the other stuff is too much, messes with the cool logo as seen in the youtube video). On the front, lettered either on breast pocket or across the chest "Forge" (perhaps in Iron-like letters - thus, also something those first time forgers might wish to pick up.

CznE said...

I'm with Scott. I like the more plain look... the faces get lost. And the entrepreneurial side of me says allow these to be customized so people can make these their team Ts! You're probably already thinking about that or want to have nothing to do with it, but I dig.