Thursday, September 04, 2008

Ironman Returned

Hey, see if this sound familiar: mid-50's, windy, rain all day. Deja vu all over again as I headed over to Ironman Village this morning to partake in the electricity. The line for athlete registration was super long, and the village itself was a shade quiet - it had only opened maybe an hour or so before, and with the weather as it is people aren't really hanging out outside today. Inside the Terrace the place was buzzing, though. They've revamped the Ironman store with a ton more stuff - not just the M-Dot stuff, but lots of 2XU gear (including a jacket that I covet and may find myself requiring over the next day or so that I didn't pick up today), wetsuits, general tri-gear. Lots of Zoot stuff, too. Kind of your basic kickass triathlon store side by side with a solid drenching of M-Dot. Pretty much fantastic.

I did my best to stimulate the economy, dropping far more than is appropriate, but hey - it comes once a year. I said it was like Christmas, right?

Favorite random item with the logo slapped on it this year: Retractable dog leash. Sweet!

Today's the only ugly day in the forecast, really - chance of rain throughout the weekend, but otherwise sun and low 70's - great race weather. I'm excited for volunteering, and I'll see if I can't blog "live" from Ironman with a few photos or something cool while we're out there.

Go Thomps! Go TriAl! Who else?!?! Whoohoooooo!


Team Brazo said...

Retractable dog leash -- Wow. I planned on heading up there today, but a bit rainy -- hopefully tomorrow. Even though I enjoy participating in the race -- it'll be nice just hanging out without the nerves.

See Ya Sunday!

robert said...

I stopped in around noon, nobody at all in line for registration, and pretty quiet throughout.

I couldn't bring myself to "stimulate the economy". Just a burrito from a street vendor on the way back to the office.

Still cool to see first hand for the first time.