Saturday, September 06, 2008


Hit the road for a 20-miler this morning, hoping to see how everything held up and discern just what might seem realistic for me going 26.2 My plan was to go 16 and hover just under 9:00/mi, and then at 16 hopefully have enough to step up the pace into the mid-low 8:00's, emulating my race day plan.

The first part of the plan went pretty flawlessly - 8:56/mi easy through 16, and feeling pretty good. I slowed, though, when I wanted to increase speed, finishing my last 4 miles at a 9:02 pace. Good for an overall of 8:58/mi - that's a 4 hour marathon pace, which is the ideal goal...but I couldn't have sustained that for another 6 miles. Probably would have gone between 4:05 and 4:10 if it were race day.

My legs felt like friggin' tree trunks afterwards, and I promptly hit the jacuzzi bathtub full of cold water and fired up the jets. Felt great, minus the shivering and, y'know, parts that don't feel great.

I'm pretty satisfied with this run - it gives me my first indication of what might be possible. My nutrition was on point, and I executed my plan about as well as I could have - I might try to slow even a shade more the first 16, maybe on the plus side of 9:00/mi to save some in the tank the last 10 miles. Not sure yet how to assess where I can improve, or if another run of 22 miles next week, after hopefully a solid week of training this week, will just leave me better prepared to execute a 4 hour marathon. I think most of my questions won't have an answer until race day, and I'll just have to do the best I can in training until then.

My hard hill work last week paid off - the 5 or 6 ass-kicking hills on my route, which 2 weeks ago left me gasping, were nothing insurmountable today at all. Encouraging.

And lastly, filed under "obvious" - 20 miles is a long damn way, holy shit.


Kit Kat said...

Nice work on your 20! I just did a 22 today and recovered with an ice bath and then an epsom salt soak. When is your marathon? Based off your pacing you should do well under 4, remember, today was done off of built up have taper my friend!

KodaFit said...

I'd have to agree - inexperienced as I may be... a nice taper and some race day adrenaline, you should be in good shape to break 4. Nicely done on the 20!

I've got a 20 planned on Friday - thinking I may get some ice stocked up in the freezer to try the ice bath when I get done...

xt4 said...

You're right guys - taper will make some difference for sure. Still - I'd like to have a little more confidence with my training pace to feel like 4:00 is a real possibility, and not just something to hope for, y'know?

Borsch said... are totally ready to kick my butt in OCT. Great work! Keep it up!

Team Brazo said...

OH, you have the sub 4:00 done. I'd have to be in a car to do a sub-9:00 mile over 26.2.

So now, IMWI 2009:

1 hour swim
5 hour bike
4 hour run


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
I stumbled onto your blog today while searching for 5k's in WI/
MN. Congratulations on the triathlon success, it was great to read what you have been up to. As a PT, I have some unsolicited advice on your achilles tendinitis if it is still bothering you. There have been several studies out of scandanavia showing the benefits of eccentric training of the gastroc/soleus in achilles tendinitis. I've also had good results with this with some patients who were serious runners/cyclists. I'd be happy to send you more info on it if you are interested. email me at:
Take care,
Justin Berry