Sunday, August 16, 2009

Peak Week

So, this is it. I'm trying to not yet get all reminiscent about this road to Ironman - that'll come later, after there is, in fact, this Ironman - but after everything, after all the cold December running and doing gross sweaty pushups in my basement in February and running yet another cold and rainy marathon last October and watching The Wire from iTunes in the dark of January while pedaling on my trainer and trying to train away the dead spots in my pedal stroke, this week is the last week of developing, pushing, firing, defining, finding my limits. After this week, I go into taper, where the objectives are to stay sharp, stay healthy, and start tuning in to race day. One week left to do good work and make some deposits, for withdrawal September 13th. It's a bit surreal, and not just a little bittersweet, to go into this last week of hard training for Ironman. It can be said, accurately, that at this point...there's very little - if any at all - fitness to be gained or developed. I think that's almost true right now - but I can squeeze a bit more out of this lemon, I think.

I'll have a 100 mile race rehearsal ride, a run of 10-15 miles (TBD), and an open water swim race of 2.4 miles this weekend. I'll have several run-offs and an occasional bike-off. I'll (hopefully) race an aquathon where I can see if some of my pool time lately working on my stroke is paying off or if I should just suck up how slow I am. I had a really good, tough ride today; that was my last interval workout. I won't be strength building this week; no speed work or intervals; but dialing in race efforts. By the end of the week I should feel, physically and mentally, like I've arrived. Like I have worked hard. Like I have something to taper from. No surprises, no drama, just good, solid, well-planned and well-executed hard work.

And...I intend to smile a lot this week, enjoy the game and the earned ability to even go out and crank out these kinds of miles, and just generally have a hell of a good time.

Have a great week everybody. Train smart.


Erin said...

Go get 'em this week...and enjoy it! You've earned it during those long, lonely, and dark basement sessions in the dead of winter. Fantastic work! - can't wait to see it all pay off in a couple weeks.

richvans said...

So was the "weak" in Peak Weak a Freudian slip or intentional? Squeeze that lemon! (carefully)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Wow. The emotion and the completion of all the months of training. Now to wait. Great post.

Iron Girl Nyhus said...

I hear ya! However, I missed a short swim yesterday but back in the swing today. Long swim, bike and run toward the end of the week then TAPER Time :)

Alili said...

Hope you're still smiling! GO Xt4!