Sunday, August 30, 2009

You can change the world.

As I write this, we are less than $300 from raising $3000 for the American Heart Association as part of the Janus Charity Challenge. Less than $300! When we started this craziness, the original goal was to raise $1000. We've almost tripled it! It is so close. Let's do it! This is the Ironman! Anything is possible. Let's exceed the expectations.

Update! Holy crap we've passed $4000!!!! This is amazing! How high can we go!?!? Whoohooo!!!

If you've been following along, you've seen me mention this campaign - Team Lionhearted - in my original post about it, here. If you're a friend at facebook (and why wouldn't you be? Come find me. My real name is Chris Bintliff. But tell me you're coming from the blog or I might ignore you) you've heard me mention it a bazillion times. You may have even seen this cool article that my hometown newspaper ran about it, which raised awareness and led to several new donations! But - well, we started talking about this way back in April. You've maybe been thinking, "hey, cool, I think I'll donate to that, but I have plenty of time. His silly race isn't until, like, September or something." Well hey! September is, like, here! Pretty much! And - for me to have all my logistical ducks in a row, I'm asking that all donations please be in before race week starts - that's between now and next Monday, the 7th! So if you've been holding out, sending good energy our way and intending to donate, please consider doing so now.

And if you haven't considered it - why not? All the cool kids are doing it. We have 31 people who have made donations. Some people I don't even know. Some people I know but have never met. Some people I haven't seen in almost 20 years. And some that have lived through the nightmare that is heart disease and have chosen this small but important gesture to fight back. But whatever their reasons, all of them have been touched by heart disease. And I'm bringing all of them with me on September 13th. We are Team Lionhearted, and we've been waiting for you to join us. We need you to join us.

So please consider giving anything you can. Seriously, $5, $10. $2. Whatever you give helps. It's all meaningful. It's all important. It all makes a difference educating, or researching, or developing, or instituting, or creating the technology, resources, and information to save somebody's life. I hope you choose to be part of it with us.

Give easily and safely online:

Sincere thanks ~



al said...

loooove your main pic; have photographers envy :) just came across your blog + enjoying the read. i'm inching my way towards HIM :)

Rohith said...

Good luck Chris. I have been reading your posts for sometime but never commented on it.

I am training for my marathon now and hope to do the Ironman inspire me everyday.

Thanks for being you and good luck!!