Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ol' Blue Rides Again

I feel great after my 4 days of rest. Refreshed, revived. Like a soap commercial. The muscle tension in my right calf is gone entirely, staying with me about 36 hours or so after Wednesday's run. I'll run tomorrow, as scheduled, but I'll watch it carefully - at the first sign of anything, I'll stop and take the week off. Since my training starts shifts tomorrow, away from the distance and run-centric base training, I actually go "backwards" a little, and have some lighter workouts. It should work to my advantage with the leg. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays are now two-a-days (like Coyote football in the day, holla!) - swimming bright and early in the AM (I have never been an AM guy for working out ever before, so this should be a grand experiment), and running in the afternoons. Tuesdays and Thursdays are on the bike, and Saturday (or Sunday, if I feel like switching them up) are my "long" days, with a bike followed by a run. For the first 2-3 months, I'm "training to train" - getting all systems organized for productive "train to race" training starting in June.

New compact crankset on the bike, giving me more gears for the hills in Wisconsin. I'll look forward to the workouts in Madison coming up to really appreciate it. Yesterday was remarkable in that, finally and at long last, I was outside on my bike. Pretty cold - 40 degrees, and with the wind on the bike bike I was bundled up, but man it felt so great. Just a short 10 mile out and back, to make sure all the new systems were in go status for the week and training ahead - new cables, new chain, new crankset, new fit, new tires, etc. etc. - and all seemed well. I can't wait for it to warm up so I can go out without arctic gear on, but man...there is NOTHING in the universe like being on a bike. I'll get pics up of the refreshed Ol' Blue up soon.

So, much to of power meters and measurements on the bike, of form and technique in the water and on the run, and where all things go from here. For now, I'm off to pack up my swim gear for the AM and head to bed - still reeling from another brilliant Sopranos. Soon!


Quest4Kona said...

Hope we can put in a few miles this summer on the bikes! Ol' Blue can meet Bambi, maybe have baby bikes... Glad the training is going well, and good luck at the 1/2 in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going great :) 40 degrees... bbbrrrrr. Was there any snow. Do you have an indoor swimming pool there? Good luck on the 1/2 and I was told that we will receive our bib numbers this week!! Cool hehehe ....

and the word verification was funny codwufti


Todd said...

And I'm all caught up, sorry for the layoff to my regular readers...totally kidding.

Well I've hit a wall, 2 months out from my first sprint. Where do you find motivation? I took the past two weeks off because A) I felt I needed a slight break as I was starting to burn out and B) too many social functions going on. My run yesterday was absolute garbage and today I have serious doubts why I am doing this and even working out. Fat and out of shape is much more fun and easy....swear to god you are a machine. I think I'm just having one of those days. A big mac meal supersized with a shake and an extra double cheeseburger should do the trick and guilt me back into things.

Todd said...

I also didn't know Williston got the internet, when did that happen? AWESOME!

xt4 said...

Ah yeah, Williville in tha hizzy!

Todd, I just wrote a whole blog entry just for you. Check it out.