Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bits & Pieces

Well, I was out for an intervals run yesterday, and 5 easy miles today. I've been stretching my calves a lot, and was pretty happy that some 48 hours after I couldn't even walk I was back out running, not really worse for the wear. I've been intentional to stop and walk and stretch, but my legs have felt strong underneath me, and while they're still a bit sore, my calves are coming right around. They should be well enough strengthened for my long run next week, I'd think. Not a great run today - had my first pseudo bonk about 3 fast miles in on what was supposed to be just 5 lazy miles. My legs felt good, but I think because I ran mid-day, instead of afternoon as I usually do, my nutrition wasn't up to par, and I didn't have the fuel to take me there. I'll have to make that kind of adjustment for my weekend runs/rides, and be more attentive to it.

Meanwhile, some new shoes (already??? Geez, a few hundred miles flies by in a hurry...) - I always feel a little bad for the shoe store guys, because when I walk in a seriously grab, like, 8 different shoes, and ask them for size 12s. So they (usually after getting help) bring me box after box while I try on shoe after shoe, comparing to my current running shoes. My Motos have been good shoes, but I've felt some cushioning go out in the last week or so - I can really hear my footfalls, and my feet feel like I'm slapping them on pavement. So, on the hunt. I actually tried the hyped Air Max 360, but alas, they are built too narrow for my flippers. So I tried several of everything today, from Nike to Adidas to Brooks to Adidas and finally, on a lark, these Asics. I haven't owned Asics since, like, the 7th grade when the company was still called Tiger. But I was really impressed - they are extremely comfortable, and seem to be well cushioned, especially in the forefoot, which is important to me. No problems with them on the run today, so they might be good ones. I'm yet to find, after 2.5 years, "my shoe" - that one she that I swear by. Maybe these will be it - I've always believed there's something to be said for a company that does one thing, and only one thing - it's why I like Martin guitars, why I have Michelins on my bike, and maybe Asics - free of the distractions of basketball shoes, cool kid shoes, baseball shoes, curling shoes, shoes for that wanker Bode Miller - will be that company for me, since all they do is make running shoes.

Now, off to spend some "online training" - stuff I've meant to get to all week, like researching a compact crank for my bike, what Orca has happening for triathlon gear, and see what's been happening at TriFuel and Crucible Fitness. Hope one and all are having a great weekend.

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