Monday, October 09, 2006

Idle contents of a restless mind...

Tim DeBoom is out at the Ironman World Championships at Kona. So no DeBoom, and no Peter Reid. That's insane. That's like. The Lakers and Celtics minus Magic and Bird.

There's a new Ironman race out there - Ironman Louisville Kentucky. There's some talk here and there about Ironman oversaturation. That perhaps there will be "too many" Ironman races out there, and that their increasing availability will somehow make becoming Ironman less meaningful. Whatever, I'll let other people dissect the politics of things, but I didn't become Ironman in relationship to anybody else on this planet. I did it for me. I say the more the merrier. Adding more races sure as hell doesn't make it any easier of a race. And besides that, the Ironman business model is freakshow brilliant. Can't fault 'em for doing business, so says I.

Jackson the Irondog had a horrible week last week - an abscessed tooth that caused the right side of his head to swell and put him in so much pain that he was utterly transformed into some other dog. He had surgery on Friday, and is by now feeling so much better. The swelling is almost entirely gone, and he's back to his old crazy self. I am incapable of toughing it out when my dog is in pain. It absolutely breaks my heart. And I swear to God, he and have some Elliot & ET psychic connection. No lie. So when he's in that much pain, I don't just empathize. It affects me, man.

I have, in some sort of delusional neurosis, allowed myself the "reward" of fast-food this last month. But yesterday I sat in a Wendy's with my friend Mike, and I looked at my spicy chicken sandwich and finally told him - this is stupid. I'm insulted by fast food. I'm insulted by the industry, and offended that it exists. I'm a hypocrite for being here, and that ends now. Mike agreed, and condemned its convenience. We agreed that we would rather be inconvenienced, and Mike pointed out that you appreciate that much more what you'd taken 2 minutes to prepare yourself. I pointed out that I spent a year of my life neutralized from this poison and never found myself so inconvenienced that I couldn't survive. I acknowledged that I was eating it because it tastes good. And then we agreed that doesn't taste that good. So - to hell with McDonald's and it brethren. It was a poignant moment of brilliant disgust with myself.

I've been surprised and humbled by everyone's responses to the video. Once again, I'm just honored to be part of a community with you people. Inspired that we can inspire one another. You kickass.

And I think you're going to really, really enjoy the rest of the video.

The Twins lost in the first round of the playoffs. Huge bummer, albeit a familiar one. It just felt like they'd do something in the postseason this year. Sigh. Consolation: The Yankees also lost.

More coming soon then, back on the triathlon track. Meanwhile, go share this with someone you love.


Todd said...

Glad to hear Jackson is almost back to 100%. I know the feeling there.

What's your stance on Chipotle? I love food too much to give up the fast food. Once in a long while I figure is okay.

"...200 reams of salmon colored paper? That is an enormous amount of paper. What in the world would you need that much Salmon colored paper for?"

See you Sunday partner!

Hoodlum said...

Here's a fact that should help you rest eating at Wendy's again- The meat in the chili is the burnt meat left over from the day or days before.

TriSaraTops said...

Sorry 'bout the Twins. At least your team made it somewhere this season! Go Cavs....

Sooo excited the Yanks lost to DEE-troit! And their payroll is like 10 times more. Classic. I love it.

Hope the pup feels better! And I feel the same way about ShitDonalds. Ew. Nastiness.