Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Race Week (x2)!

The first post-Ironman Race Week! It's nothing epic, mind you, but hey - a race is a race. Still exciting. Still with that aura of anticipation surrounding it. And for somebody out there it'll be their first race ever. Becoming 5k. That's pretty cool.

A double-header on tap for this Saturday, and that'll be an adventure in itself. The first is The Great Pumpkin Chase, a 10k trail run. That one I'll actually "race", though that's defined as "run strong". I'm lifting weights, I'm still in post-Ironman recovery form, and I've not topped 6 miles yet for my marathon training in January (I think I'm a bit behind with that...), so I'm not in a how-fast-can-I-go kind of way. So the 10k will give me some indication of where my fitness is. It's a trail run, which I'm looking forward to because A - I've never intentionally done a trail run, so the two times I've suddenly encountered them (once in a Duathlon and this summer in a freakin' Half Ironman - seriously, what kind of sadism is at work there?) I've had less-than-optimum attitudes. And 2 - I think I'd like to do more trail running; good all around exercise, great for tri-training, and I'd love to embark on X-Terra sometime in the next few years. Anyway, I intend to explore it and enjoy it this weekend and see how it goes. No time plans, no pace plans, just run strong and have a good time.

Immediately following is the Gray Ghost 5k run/1mile walk that I'm doing with a whole gaggle of friends. That will be pretty cool. No strategies for that one at all - just enjoy the time with friends and gawk at crazies running in costumes. I'll hang with whatever pace people want to go at, including just walking the thing if that turns out to be the plan. It'll just be fun to enjoy the day, I think.

Sunday, then, is the annual football game with my buddies, and I should be well warmed up for that one with the miles put in on Saturday. Looks to be a good and fun weekend, and I'm looking forward to it.

Some Miscellany:
Normann won Ironman again! Crazy!

The on-course temperature when I checked the online broadcast was in the low 120 degrees. Whaaaaat???

How great was Paul Lieto's coverage of Ironman over at Trifuel.com. And how cool that his brother Chris was a top 10 finisher!?!?

Seriously. Is the new Trek Equinox TTX not the sexist thing you have ever, ever seen? Good night that's hot.

Did IMLOU (or whatever we're calling it) sell out? Anybody heard?

Some buddies and I are going to see the new triathlon documentary What It Takes coming to the Cities on November 9th. I'm really looking forward to it - I'll of course keep you posted -

Speaking of movies and keeping you posted, I'm presently uploading all the rest of the Becoming Ironman movie - 12 movies in all (!) over at Transition3.com. Just click on the "videos" link and you'll see them all nicely arranged in order - a bit more sensible than trying to present them in any kind of fashion strictly through the blog. Transition3 is a new thing I've been working on that we'll talk more about later, but for now I hope you'll enjoy the videos, and maybe say hello or throw your two cents in elsewhere on the site.

More to come, as always. Until then, stay cool like the tenth of September everybody -


RunIrisRun said...

Can I say how envious I am of the trail race? Don't take the watch and enjoy!

qcmier said...

Trail running is fun. I need to get out and do some more soon.

Be careful with the football too.

As far as I know, IM Lube is still open. Are you thinking about it?

abby said...

Dave, Sara, and I did the Great Pumpkin Chase last year. There were lots of costumes...and puddles. Have fun and enjoy the race!

TriTimKC said...

Sounds like a great plan for the trail run and 5k. Take it easy and enjoy. Have fun!

Pharmie said...

Wow! You're making me feel pretty lazy over here! Good luck this weekend!

triteacher said...

Hi there! Hope your races went well. How funny - we're on the same wave length once again; I thought I might take a stab at Xterra within a few years too. The mud is legit on those courses!