Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life. Time.

My buddy Mike said to me last night - do you need to remember why you got into this in the first place? It wasn't a loaded question, just an honest one. And a good one to ask. I got into it for the fitness first - to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also to re-involve competition in my life. It was never - and has never and isn't now - about race times, or beating the guy next to me. But also, when I took that first step, it was not about distances, or Ironman. It was just about something new in my life, something healthy and good. Ironman came into it later.

But, IM has never superceded my reasons for doing it. It has appropriately fallen into those reasons. It is so damn hard. And because of it, it taps deepest into my well of wanting - to train right, and best, and hard. To race with purpose. To involve this thing in my life with meaning. It's easy to lose perspective in all of this, especially when sidelined. I don't think I have. Lost perspective, I mean.

Thanks for the words of encouragement, everybody. And you there Kressa, for the freakshow comments that you leave. Funny girl. All are appreciated. I'm going to continue to figure this out. And meanwhile, I think get back to some of the science.

I'll be watching my good buddy Todd at Lifetime on Sunday, and I'll do my best to cheer him on right, as he did for me at Ironman. Lifetime was my first "Ironman" - it was the poster I saw, in late 2003, when I weighed 235 complacent and bored pounds, and said, "I want to change." It's a race that has a very special place for me, and to not do it this year - when I'm all signed up - it's hard. We're headed back to Minneapolis this weekend - originally planned all around Lifetime weekend - for baby dr. appointments and several business meetings. I promised Amy I won't bring Ol' Blue, as if I did I'd probably get myself into the race as-is, and probably that's not best for me right now. So, I'll be watching. I've never watched a triathlon before. Kick ass TZ. Kick ass and take names.

Stay tuned.


Erin said...

You don't need a referral for the clinic I went/am going to: UW Research Park Clinic on Science Drive in Madison -- 608.265.8303. I saw Dr. Bernhardt, but from what I hear, there are a lot of excellent physicians at that clinic. And they have PTs in the same building. I hope they can find something that works for you!

xt4 said...

Thanks Erin, you're awesome.

Anonymous said...

no sarcasm intended. just bored at work and working on my stand up. it is entirely organic at times. i have no control. but you already knew that.

Erin said...

Hey Chris- It's Todd's turn to pick it up an lay it down. That's pretty cool. How fun. How fun you get to watch him and cheer him on, too. Even tho you won't be running/biking/swimming, you'll still be participating, just in a different way. Adreneline still kicks in and it's a kick ass time. Good luck at the Dr. appt. Txt me when you know?? Tell Amy hi! cuzin erin