Tuesday, July 31, 2007

State of Things

• So, I've had a really great couple weeks of training. I feel back on point. Weight is coming off, endurance is building, and strength is developing. I'm yet to really "test" my knee, and am sticking to mostly HR zone 2 running of an hour or less, but this week I think I'll do a little more to see what I'm capable of. To say it feels good to be back is an understatement. Strange, though, that while the season draws closer to a close for everybody around me, I'm just getting fired up. I think I'll have a lot of pent-up race day energy all off-season. Good. Make me that much better next season.

• Todd and I have, I think, all but decided on Racine as our 70.3 next season. They haven't published the precise race dates yet, but one thoughtful bit is that Lifetime might be just the week before. That's a great race that's a priority for me, but it just might not work out. S'okay. Eye on the prize, as they say. I'll let you know as soon as I know.

• Refresh coming soon to the blog's appearance. No longer in transition. Now, on a mission. Becoming Ironman 2009. Bring it.

• I watched the Becoming Ironman documentary (on your right, there, for the YouTube links, if you're interested) yesterday and cried like a girl. My Team kicked ass. Best Day Ever.

• I'm extremely excited to be volunteering at Ironman this year! I'll be on State Street & Henry as a run marshall from 3:45-8:00pm, and then at the finish line doing medals or whatever from 9pm to midnight. I'm hoping I strategically placed myself in these locations so that I can, with great obnoxiousness, be the freakshow cheerleader for Pharmie, Steve, erin, Wil, and Stu. Am I forgetting anybody? I can't keep track of everybody's race schedules. Lemme know. I'm so excited for you guys. I can't wait.

• Speaking of everybody, I was thinking - does anybody in the Madison area want to get together for a beer or something in the next weekend or so? Not this weekend - I'm back in Minneapolis - but maybe the next? I'm thinking Teach, erin, Thomps - who else? Anybody around - if I didn't say your name it just means I don't know where you're geographically located, so it's just a big open invitation. Lemme know. Maybe I'll send some emails around or go comment hopping to get your ideas. Drop a comment, though, if you have an opinion. It might be fun to get to know each other a little better than from behind the screen. Plus, I'm new in town, that sort of thing. Let me know what you think.

• I got a new LG tri-bag, and get this: it comes with a little detachable, fold-up bench for transition. Ha! Dope.

• Coolest thing that happened this weekend outside of my open water swim (where I practiced sighting so as to not be so constantly screwing up my times with the drunken wending that is my Modus Operandi in the water) and my 30 miles on the bike (flawless! whahoo!) - watching my Grandpa - The Legend - play bowling on the Wii. Kick. Ass.

• Speaking of miles on the bike, my last 3 rides, consisting of 17-something, 23-something, and 30-something, have all resulted in an average mph of 17.8. That's consistency, baby.

All from me for now. Lemme know about social hour, those interested - I think it'd be a good time. Hell, maybe we could even make something regular of it!


Erin said...

Madison meet-n-greet? Fabulous idea! I'm in. The weekend of the 11th is dicey for me, though -- Dairyland Dare on Sat, followed by a drive up to Oshkosh for the olympic tri on Sunday. So, I could do Friday. Otherwise I can make most weekdays work with enough notice. Mondays are best, as it's my day off.

xt4 said...

Sweet! Okay...I'm just going to toss out Tuesday the 14th of August. Totally not married to it, suggest away if anybody has other ideas. Might be best to avoid weekends, Erin, you're right, with long rides and races, etc. Let's pencil in the 14th and see what anybody else has to say. And anybody want to suggest a place?

Steve S. said...

Things are coming together! Way to be consistant on the bike - wow!!

Triteacher said...

Woohoo! Count me in. 14th works for me. Place? Is anyone else craving sushi? And know of a good sushi place in Madison? (To use x's words - totally not married to the sushi, but am hungry for some.) I'll keep checking back or drop me a gmail, X. triteacher@gmail.com

I love it that you "cried like a girl," x. Your video rocks. I admit to being a repeat watcher. Good stuff.

Erin said...

I'm always, always hungry for sushi. My favorite is Takara on State St., followed by Ginza as a close second. My email, if that's an easier way to coordinate is erincelello@gmail.com.

Kerri said...

Don't forget to watch for Val and I on 9/7, your friends from Minneapolis. I'll be requesting you to place the hardware around my neck :)

P.S. How is the boy band coming along ;)