Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well, it's official - turns out 2 weeks of nothing but monsoon rains and a nagging, relentless cold messes with your fitness. Yesterday I clocked my first speed workout in 2 weeks, and I struggled through the last 2 miles at a 7:15/mile pace. 4 miles total, with the first mile being speedplay, the second mile easy, then the 2 miler. Frustrating. Disheartening. I was at a perfect peak for the half marathon in May - and somehow I only have 2, maybe 3 weeks to continue developing fitness before taper starts for the Half Ironman in Racine. I'm still not perfectly healthy - maybe at 90% or so today - and still with a nasty cough that's exacerbated by exercise that'll likely last for weeks. The whole thing is pissing me off.

The plan is to get back to basics for the next few weeks - each week will give me quality speed run session and a mid-mileage session between 6-8 miles at 10k pace, then a long run on the weekend. This weekend is 10 miles. I'll likely go with comfort and RPE as my metrics for that run instead of obsessing about my time - I need to get a realistic sense for where these obstacles have left my running times.

Same with the bike - 20 miles fast tonight, then maybe a hill workout later this week, otherwise 56 miles on Saturday with a 4-6 mile brick run to follow. Again, this weekend at least will be less about goal setting and more about just seeing what's what.

In a perfect world, I have this weekend and next weekend at WIBA to conclude my training - that means WIBA will be a high-mileage weekend...and I wonder if the socializing will get in the way of the serious training that I need that weekend (so, any WIBA vets out there with two cents to share, I'm listening!) If after WIBA it's just not quite there, then I'll push my last long weekend into the 4th of July weekend - obviously not ideal - and settle for a 2 week taper (when I'd prefer 3).

I'm developing specific goals for Racine that I'll share here soon. Mostly, trying to not be obsessive about things I can't control: I can't help that I got a cold, can't help that it's slowed me down, so no point thinking about it. It is what it is, and whatever it's done to my fitness is what I'm dealt with. I'll have to work around and within that. That's just how it is.

Not sure if I'll get another post out before Friday, so wanted to give a heartfelt shout out to Pharmie and Steve, who are racing Grandma's this weekend. Steve's targeting a BQ time, and I believe he'll do it. Good luck you guys - have a great race!


richvans said...

I'm sure your fitness will bounce back quickly once you shake the cold completely. Don't push yourself too hard or you'll never get rid of it. You blog has inspired me to start one in my quest for my first IM - CDA 09.

Pharmie said...

I wonder if the better question will be whether YOU will get in the way of the socializing :). Seriously, though, there are all types and abilities out there, and you won't be the only one training for racine. Just make sure to find someone ahead of time who's also looking for a really serious workout. If nothing else, you can ride by yourself Sat and run with the group on Sunday. Make sure to join everyone for all of the meals, and you've gotten in plenty of social time. I can't wait!

RobbyB said...

As Rich and Pharmie stated, your fitness is there, it's just hidden behind the illness. Stay relaxed, don't over exert yourself and get better.

As for paces, you're free to go your own pace. In fact, maybe we'll create informal pace groups at the start of the run. And socialize with who you want, when you want. We all understand the need to focus on your training.

xt4 said...

Thanks for the confidence Rich and RB - I hope you're right, cuz it's starting to freak me out.

Rich, I sure appreciate you sharing that the blog has been an inspiration, and I'll for sure check you out as you prepare for IMCDA. Thanks for checking in!