Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Race Week: Capitol View Triathlon

I was trying to remember the last time I raced an actual Olympic distance triathlon. Turns out it's way back in July of '05, at the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon. I did the same race in '06, but it was so hot that they shortened the course. So - 3 years! Geez, talk about another lifetime ago.

I'm really excited about this race - excited to be doing the Oly distance again, excited to be racing in Madison again, excited that Amy and D will be Team Captains, and I have friends and family coming to be part of it, as well as racing in it. It's supposed to be a bonafide summer day - highs in the mid-high 80's, lots of sun, lots of humidity.

I've never had a good showing at the Olympic distance, which is maybe another reason I'm looking forward to this race - 3 years ago I was still learning so much, developing so much - I was pretty clueless. I've been known to turn in 11:00/mile pacing on the 6.2 mile run. Ack. I've never finished in under 3 hours. It's always proven to be a really challenging distance for me - or at least, it was, back before Ironman, back when there were spoons.

No major goals for this weekend, except to race fast and hard. This is my first of two Olympic distance races in two weeks, and is part of 3 races in 4 weeks. The point would be to come out of those 4 weeks with some more strength and fitness, as well as to practice some race-day nuances and get into that groove that only race-day can provide. I have no idea what to expect of the swim - 3 years ago I swam anywhere between 31 and 35 minutes for the 1500 yards. I'd say, with the limited pool time I've had, those are fair numbers to expect. I won't chase anything in the water, just get into a comfortable groove and do what I can. My buddy RobbyB, who is a swimming Jedi, seems to consistently work with a strategy for drafting off of other swimmers - a skill I've totally not developed. Still, might give that a shot if I can. At the very least, maybe I'll try and keep the zig-zagging to a minimum.

Transitions should be interesting, with wetsuit removal, etc., and noting the foot-still-in-shoe dismount (not to mention the puke-on-the-bike-fest) that I displayed at the early-season race in May. I hope to push the bike - really get a workout on my legs - and really attack the run. Not sure what "attack" means, but I hope to do more than just survive it, like I've been famous for doing. Maybe get comfortable for a mile, and then turn it on and see what I can manage. Anyway, no big time goals or anything like that, just hope to feel strong out there and, by day's end, feel pretty shredded, knowing I did all I could. We'll see how the heat might play in, and I have no idea what the course is like (this is the inaugural run for this race), so who knows what the day will bring. In any case, I'm hoping to just have a blast, work hard, and enjoy the day.


KodaFit said...

Sounds like fun, Good luck!

I have my first Olympic tri in 3 weeks...

Team Brazo said...

I'm hoping to make the race as a spectator, but still have to work out the details. If I see a whoooosh go by on the bike, I'll know it's you.

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck!!!

RobbyB said...

I'll be there this weekend, too. I'm in the sprint version, though.

See you there!

Ridge Racer said...

I get to do my first Tri in about 3 weeks. Elkhart lake. My first Oly is in august. Good luck with your tri. I'm rooting for ya.