Thursday, June 19, 2008


Some numbers for you:

May 8 - 6 mile run - 8:12/mi (pace) - 149bpm (heart rate)

May 18 - 6 mile run - 8:11/mi - 144bpm

May 31 - 6 mile run (after a 56 mile bike) - 8:28/mi - 148bpm

In the intervening weeks, I had 2 Olympic distance races, dealt (to a far lesser extent than so many others in this state) with insane storms and weather that interrupted training for a week, then got a cold from hell.

June 19 - 6 mile run - 8:08/mil - 159bpm

The heart rate tells the story - my rate of perceived effort was high tonight. I was having to push, instead of just stay comfortable. I wasn't enjoying it because I was having to work noticeably hard. I was having to chase miles, instead of letting them come. My splits were awful - sub 8:00/mi on the first 3 miles, 8:20 something on the last 3. Totally inconsistent.

So - what gives? I know the cold is a factor - this is crystal clear. My breathing is labored, and it's sucked endurance out of me - I'm out of breath quickly, and just don't have it to carry me effortlessly over the miles like I did. But, the worst of it is over - you can still hear it in my voice, but it's mostly limited to my sinuses now, it no longer aggravates my day to day, and on a positive note, this is the first workout in 2 weeks where I'm seriously not doubled over hacking for an hour afterwards. I suspect I'm also paying for the inconsistency forced onto my training - week before last were the storms (I should note "the storms" didn't mean "it was raining outside" - it was insane, wrath-of-God stuff; see also the tornado that went through my backyard), then last week was this forsaken cold. So I get that - I understand the variables. But is this it, then? Do I have time to get these numbers back up before Racine - which really means 2-3 serious weeks of training before taper, or will I have to revise my expectations because I've lost something? What's realistic now?

I'm trying not to get frustrated, to stay patient and not force anything, and I know the next few weeks will reveal more. But dammit. I've done everything right this year, and until lately I've had just a great season of training. So pissed I got this cold. Dammit.

Commence pep talk, if anybody's got any. I got nothin' over here.


RobbyB said...


Seriously. Get rest. Your body is still recovering from the cold. Extending the limits requires additional rest. Be sure to take it. (I know it's easy for me to say, I don't have a baby in my house.)

Triteacher said...

I'm with Robby. Git yourself to bed. The numbers don't lie.


Ummm... 'O9? ;-) (Only cuz that's the earliest I'm going to have my homework done, and hey, shouldn't we be in this together??)

Erin said...

What the two wise ones said. More training or harder training is not going to help this. Don't put off your "rest" until tapering for Racine (admit it, deep down, that's what you were thinking, no?) Do it now. You have a great base built, and have done a LOT of targeted, specific training. That will carry you through.

KodaFit said...

I've always found I feel worst, right before I start feeling better - If that makes any kind of sense at all.

I'd take a little rest or just scale back the running a little, but I suspect that you be back to normal really soon.

All aside though, best of luck in your final prep and for a full and speedy recovery.