Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Just really quickly

Yes, I had a great workout last weekend. Commence Taper. More to come.

Yes, I had a great time at WIBA. Read Wil or Steve's blog for details, and I'm too swamped even to toss in the hyperlinks, so look for 'em on the right side over there if you want to. More to come.

Yes, I met some really cool new people. I also saw Steve's junk. On James' camera. The list is long of what's wrong with that sentence. (get it Steve? long? ah, nevermind.)

Yes, me and Wil got lost running in Madison. With Amber, who's a newbie and was looking to us for concrete advice and perspective on the run course. I tried to explain I was like a drunken meerkat at Ironman and wouldn't know which way to go if my life depended on it. I expect she'll understand come September. But sorry 'bout that Amber.

Oh, and yes, it was Amber who found our way home. Wil + x = useless.

No, Stu still doesn't know who I am. Yes, he still pretends to. I'm "man" or "guy" or "buddy" or "you". Yes, I remain amused and committed to the ruse.

Yes, I'm friggin' swamped over here, trying to wrap up some work stuff so I can break for the 4th of July. Update coming soon, in case you're holding your breath or anything.

Hope one and all are having a great week!


TriSaraTops said...

It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good to see ya again!!!! Wish we could have hung out more!

You're going to ROCK Racine!

Steve Stenzel said...

Pharmie told me about how Stu cannot remember your name... too funny!

It was great seeing you again! See you in a few months!!!

Wil said...

Such a blast, Amber was so nice to tolerate our blithering. Hey you think you might be in for Racine again next year? See you in Chicago for sure!

Wil said...

OH duh and in September!

qcmier said...

Ready to Rock Racine? See you there!

Alili said...

See you in Racine!