Wednesday, July 23, 2008

That's what I'm talking about!

She's totally going to kill me, but this is one of those "better to ask forgiveness than permission" kind of deals, because she reads the blog. Sorry mom, but I'm just so damn proud of you right now and these are my peeps, they'll cheer you on -

Here's the email I just got from my mom -

Newsflash, woman gets off her ass. I just put on my tennis shoes which have been sitting in the corner of my office for a year and a half and walked the 2.6 miles around Lake of the Isles. Took me 50 minutes. Back in the day, my walking route in Williston was 3 miles in 40 minutes---but, that was back in the day. Anyway, I started out and thought, ok, that might be far enough, and a whole 4 minutes had gone by, so, on I went, and then you know, you get about half way and its too late to turn around then, and I kept thinking if my kid can do 26, I can sure as heck do 2 ., we will see how long this lasts, although Jay and I have been on a " better eating deal" since vacation, and I have not had a lick of sweets or candy since we came home except skinny cow fudgecicles which are life savers---and watermelon, but, anyway, Maybe ironman 2018???????????????????love you. mom



Megan said...

Oh! That just made me teary! GO MOM!!!! It all starts somewhere, and soon that 2.6 will get longer and faster - just watch!

My own mom can't/won't go further than one block before giving up and it breaks my heart to see it. So keep it up, Mom of xt4! Now it's your son's turn to use you as HIS inspiration!

Wipaddler said...

My mom's the same way and she has a treadmill in the basement. I just keep encouraging her and that's about all I can do at this point!

Kudos to the momster and her trek to get faster and longer hikes!

Alili said...

When I do an IM can I be an adopted member of the family? You guys are just too great. Way to go Mom!!

Pharmie said...

Hooray xt4's MOM! I would literally fall out of my chair if I had gotten the same letter :)

CznE said...

Yay auntie Gaylie! If you do 2018, I'll do 2020 and we can train together. Game on?

Susan Foley said...

Gayle - I think you're wonderful! Isn't it wonderful that Chris can be a motivator to all of us? I know when I'm out there walking or ?running?, I think about seeing him pushing through Ironman and it helps me go just that little bit further. Now I'm not going to go crazy here (sorry CznE -ie. IM 2018), but wouldn't you and me doing a half Twin Cities Marathon show 'em what we're made of?!
Keep going Gayle! You're the best! Susan

Erin said...

Way to go Mom! Fantastic job!