Friday, August 17, 2007

Alien Invader

I've been abducted. Sometime in my sleep. Last night, I think, maybe the night before. There was bright light, probably, and then creepy crawly wrinkly ETs crept into my bedroom and scared the hell out of the cat, and then they paralyzed me with their crazy alien ninja voodoo and corralled me into their tie fighter and carried me away to Caprica. And then while I was there they probed me. Probably. Probably a great deal of probing, and hardly any of it fun.

And while laid out in their crazy alien lair they implanted me with some crazy alien ninja gadgetry from which they'll gather voodoo data about middle of the pack triathlete hacks. And then they quietly returned me to my comfy bed and snapped their fingers and I wasn't supposed to remember any of this.

It has to be thus, because it's the only way I can explain 1:16 in the friggin' pool today. One Sixteen. That's a hundred yard time trial. Thats 6 damn second faster than LAST week, which was already a PR. What?!? 6 seconds??? What it's been meaning in the real world is that I'm swimming consistently, while fatigued, with a pace of 1:30-1:40, instead of 1:40-1:50, where I've been living for about the past two years. How will any of that translate on race day? No idea. I suspect that might be up to me. But for whatever it's worth, there it is. I'm getting faster in the water.

It's possible this is due to the new unleashing of strength from a healthy left side. Though the changes seem too dramatic to attribute to just that. More likely, it has something to do with probing.

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Triteacher said...

Oh my. So does that mean you'll - ahem - swallow more probing in exchange for fast swim times?? The devil went down to Madison...