Thursday, August 16, 2007

Much Man Love

Well, what can I say other than, hello. How do you do? Nice to meet you. Bare (or is it bear - my reading/writing skills never progressed past a third grade level) with me as contributing to a blog is a completely new thing to me. This, posting, is all really akward for me too. I feel shy and uptight about the whole thing for some unknown reason. In due time, hopefully I can open up and with a little practice, get better at this.
Where to begin. My real name is Todd and I currently reside in Minneapolis, MN. I'm gainfully employed and usually put in about 1-2 good quality hours of work a week. A normal weekday involves me sitting in cubeland trying to make myself appear to be working, praying to win the lottery. Which, I do play now!
I live a simple life and am learning more and more how much it really is the small things in life. Or something like that. You'll find my posts to have no rhyme or reason and may make no sense at all. I'll try to be funny and sarcastic but probably come off as an idiot and offensive. But that's okay, I know my role (exhibit - A, I'm rambling).
This is my second year as a "triathlete" and have fully engrossed myself into it this year. It's been nothing but smiles and grand times. The Olympic distance has treated me well. Baby steps. Training and racing a half ironman with Chris next year is the plan. I'm the biggest age group (25-29) hack you will come across and enjoy playing the poser. At the very least, I can look the part of a triathlete in my spandex, shaved body and gawd awful doggie paddle.
Wow, it's been 10 years already that Chris and I have been friends as he said. The time sure flies. I'd like to thank him for A) opening his blog to me and letting me contribute....and B) for showing me the way. He's the reason I even came across triathlon let alone participated in one. All of the advice, suggestions, gear, plans, encouragement, coaching, well wishes, thoughts, prayers, hugs etc have been priceless to me not only in triathlon these two years but also life. Where would I be if we hadn't crossed paths brotha?
Anyway, on a different note I have my last triathlon of the season Saturday up in Detriot Lakes. Good thing the forecast is calling for temps between 48 and 55 degrees (that's Farenheight folks, cuz Celcius would be HOT), rain and 16 mph wind at the start of the race. You may think, "dang, that sucks." But no, I actually welcome the crappiest weather imaginable. That way, I always have a built in excuse other than my record low thresh hold for pain. Okay, that is a flat out lie. I hate being cold and I hate being wet, being cold and wet? Makes me want to cry. What can you do though. Not worrying about things I can't control such as the weather is a battle I think I will be facing my entire life.
Lastly, if anyone is taking notes out there for what not to do, jot this down. Go ahead and make any adjustments to your bike for race day before 1.5 days out. This of course is all just plain old common sense which for those of you who know me, I seem to lack more often than not. I procrastinated per my usual until tonight to even look at my bike. Took her for a spin around the block and it sounded like my frame had cracked. There was this annoying clunking sound every time I pedaled which I deduced was in the frame somewhere. Of course it was doing this on Sunday's ride but anyone with a brain like me would think, "it will go away in the next few days sitting in the garage by itself, I'm sure it will." Shockingly, taking no action didn't work. Well, I couldn't figure out what it was for the life of me tonight and neither could my landlord/bike mechanic. Short story shorter, it's now in the shop and I'm hoping to get it back in time tomorrow as I'm leaving in the early afternoon to head up north for the race. If not, I'll have to fire up the Schwinn Ranger which has to be close to a 40 pound moutnain bike, complete with 3 inch knobby tires. I'll have you know I rocked a 14.7 mph average on that bad boy in my very first race. Who's next?
To add to my nonsense of my very first post, none will ever bring you to tears or anything epic like that and I can almost gurantee I'll put on 20-30 pounds this winter as food is my drug. My role is to try to bring you some comic relief.
Good night.


Steve S. said...

Hi Todd!! Maybe this winter we can see who gains the most weight.... I'm there with you on that!

Triteacher said...

Welcome, Todd! Your comic relief worked. Excellent laughs. Hey, and let me know what comes out of the cracking in your bike. Mine's been doing that for weeks. (Some of us just switch bikes. Is an an extra long recuperative period more effective perhaps??)

TZilla said...

Hi Steve, it looks like we have ourselves a nice little competition this off season. For a refererence point, in 9 months time at the illustrious UMD my freshman year, I put on 40 pounds. Game on!

Hi teach...turns out it was a loose bottom bracket (down by the crankset). $20 later and we're back in prime ridin condition, crisis averted...phew.

Laura Carol said...

good luck todd! and chris!