Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Power of Two

How do you follow up the most incredible experience of your life? How do you make sense of something so huge, so important to you, that for there to be another purpose, for another chance, the stakes need to be redefined? What do you do when you have Become Ironman?

You do it again.

You do it better. Harder. Faster. Stronger.

You do it for yourself, but for new reasons. For your family, to demonstrate just how far they bring you. For your daughter, new to earth, to see what her old man is made of. Iron, little one. Anything is possible.

And, you do it alongside an old friend.

Everybody, this is TZilla. You've known him around here frequently commenting or being mentioned as Todd. He was a loud part of my Ironman Team last year, making the trek out to Minneapolis to show me love. Only now he has a superhero name. Because now he's Becoming Ironman.

T & Me, we go back a long way - 10 years in January, matter of fact. We've seen each other through a lot of life. And now, we're seeing each other through this next great adventure. The pain and the pride, baby. T's in just his second season of triathlon, and already he has butterflies for '09. Thaswhudumtalkinabout. Put him on my team anyday.

How it works is this: Now we share this space, and he'll be contributing his $.02 whenever he feels like it, just like me. We'll be training together, albeit virtually, for the next 2 years - and this is the space where we'll share our thoughts on training, racing, triathlon & life, just as you've come to expect from me - only now there's also he.

First objective: Racine 70.3, next summer. As we wind down this season, Zilla will be building our weight training schedule for the offseason, and I'll be devising our 70.3 base training, starting in October, and our 70.3 training starting in February. It's going to be a blast. An absolute, stupid blast.

Welcome to the next level, everybody.





Triteacher said...

Waaay cool. So happy to see you guys sharing your feelings. So when's Tzilla joining the Justice League?

X, have you read Dean Karnazes Ultramarathon Man yet? Your opening paragraph reminds me of it. He attempts to answer those questions. Does a fair job of it, in my humble opinion.

T-Storms said...

Wow - the update to the page is way cool! Can't wait to see what both of your off-seasons bring!