Tuesday, August 07, 2007


A new P.R. (which, in the pool is the only time I record "personal records" during training, and at that only my T-100 pace, which is how long it takes to swim 100 yards) today in the water - 100 yards in 1:22, besting my old P.R. by 2 seconds. Completely shocking to me. Of special interest is now much stronger my left side felt after all this therapy I've been doing to strengthen my hip and back - I found it much easier today to keep my left elbow up high out of the water, which gave me a lot more power and strength during my catch. The pool was closed for maintenance last week, so this was the first time in a week I'd been swimming, and I felt really strong. Yeah baby!

(Oh, and ps - if work wasn't so busy I could finish posting my $.02 about the IMWI swim. Anyway, I'm working on it, in case any of you are sleepless with anticipation.)

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Erin said...

Not sleepless with anticipation, but definitely looking forward to reading the next installment of the $.02 series. The swim is worrying me most these days, so it'll be great to get a thoughtful, retroactive perspective on it.