Friday, August 11, 2006

3:14 am

This thing, it wakes me up.

For about the last week at least, maybe 10 days, I fall asleep okay but I wake up at some ungodly hour and I stay that way for the next 45, 60, 75 minutes. It's a pain in the ass. I'm tired in the mornings. I wake up from dumb, repetitive dreams where usually I'm on the bike or something. It gets worse if I have a major workout on the horizon, like my 112 miles on Saturday and 40 more plus a run on Sunday.

It's not (I don't think) symptomatic of overtraining or exhaustion, which can cause sleeplessness. My dreams aren't ones of catastrophe or subconscious fears of one thing or another. I don't wake up worried or paranoid or nervous. I'm just...thinking about it. All the time. Even, I guess, when I'm not supposed to be thinking and should instead be sleeping. I think I'm just really excited. And really preoccupied. Can you relate to having your whole universe revolve around a day on a calendar? Probably you can.

29 days.

Yawn. I'll go try again.

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