Saturday, August 12, 2006

Awaiting Sunrise

6:09am. And it takes longer now for the sun to come.

In the next 7 days I'll ride my bicycle just over 300 miles. I'll swim just over 5 miles, and I'll run somewhere around 23. It's the most intense week of training. Also my last days of "training". After this, I start preparing to peak and taper. These are the last miles that will build my fitness for Ironman, after all this long, long way. The final deposits in the Ironman account.

And on paper it looks pretty insane.

Well. Nothing to do but start. 112 miles today. Let's see if the sun is as ready as I am.

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Steve S. said...

How did the 112 miles turn out? My SLS is out there right now in the pouring rain on her 112 mile ride. Good luck with the taper! You're ready!