Saturday, August 05, 2006


Today is the first day I've been tired. I've been fatigued, worn out, lazy, just plain beat. But always those things have been incidental.

Hell, I'm too tired to write this right now.

I haven't slept past 6:30am on a Saturday for...geez, I don't know how long. Sometime in March, maybe. There have beent times, for excitement or nervousness or I don't know what, when I've barely slept the Friday night before, but I'm still up, even if a shade groggy, and out the door with the sunrise and on the bike. And even if it's not a great ride, even if it's a struggle, it's usually been a useful struggle - some nutrition thing needing addressing, or some pacing issue revealing itself. Today wasn't like that. Today I was tired.

I had about a 2500 yard swim this morning, and had the alarm set for 6:30 to get in the water, then a 4 hour ride (short, actually, compared to my usual 5 1/2 to 6 hours...). The alarm went off this morning and I could hardly function. I prompty shut it off and went back to sleep. This wasn't laziness rearing its head, something where if I just got up off my ass I'd get in gear. I mean I was tired. I've been busy at work, and have had some late nights...but this was some crazy tired. So I woke up again at 7:30. Nope. 8:30? No, back to bed. Finally up at 9:00, and took my sweet time getting out the door before I was finally in the water by 9:45 or something. The swim workout actually wasn't that bad, but I expected it to revive me, to be one of those moments where it sucks to get out the door, but once you're out there it falls into place. But I was never quite myself. I don't meander around getting out the door. I don't take 3 trips upstairs because I forgot 3 different things. I was out of focus.

4 hours then on the bike off the swim, and with a tailwind on the way out I had some false speed. I stopped at about 3 hours to visit a friend, and just standing there I felt weary like I did early in the season after 5 hour rides. Used to be I'd come home from a ride and go ride to bed. I haven't required that for a long, long time. But I felt like that with still an hour to go. My nutrition wasn't weird...I had no particular drama...just really friggin' tired. The last hour home was into a vicious headwind, so I was naturally slowed, but I was constantly coasting, stopping my pedal, regrouping. The numbers wouldn't say it - something like a 17.8 or 17.2 or something mph average - but it wasn't a great ride.

So I don't know what that's all about. But it sucks, and I'm trying not to get all OCD about it and contemplate if I'm overtrained, or coming down with something, or have Malaria, or was abducted by aliens and now have a displeasing implant like Cartman. Maybe I just need to sleep in tomorrow.

And so I shall. G'night.

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