Sunday, August 06, 2006

Perhaps a diagnosis...

Well I woke up around 2:30am with a really scratchy throat and that sort of...thickness you feel somewhere behind your nose when a headcold is coming on. Know what I'm talking about? So I took some herbal stuff - I've come to hate medicine in pretty much any kind - and went back to bed. I woke up at 8:00 and forced myself back to sleep until about 10:00. I've cancelled all plans for the day (including a 6 mile run) and have been doing nothing. Resting. Period. I took an hour nap. I do have some work to do, so I'm behind the computer for that. I'm happy to report that presently I think my head feels better than it did at 2:30 last night. Which hopefully is a good thing and indicates that either I'm not coming down with anything at all, or that I was strong enough to generally wipe it out before it really took hold. I used to be kind of a sickly person. At least twice a year I could count on a drag out, knock down, freakshow kind of illness that would shut me up for at least a week. I haven't had that since 2004...since I started triathlon. That relationship isn't lost on me.

I'll force myself into a really early night, and we'll see what tomorrow is like. I'm officially under two weeks left in fitness training. Every workout - including the missed one today - is important. Illness is not on the schedule. I'll be most interested, even if I feel pretty well in the coming days, that my energy is back on my workouts. Yesterday's ride was no good.

So there you go. No crisis...but systems have been upgraded to Defcon 3. I'll know more in the coming days.


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