Saturday, July 08, 2006

102.5, and a mile more...

Well, I rode 102.5 miles today, and followed it with a mile run. I wanted to do 3, but I had absolutely nothing left in the tank, and even the short run required my sitting in the air conditioned car for 10 minutes before I got out there.

A solid ride today, all things considered. I was scheduled for 5 and a half hours - I finished it in 5:45, thanks to the nasty headwind the final 20 miles back. And the heat. Holy moly. I've never spelled that combination of words before. Is that how you spell "moly"? Anyway, I didn't leave for my ride until about 8:30, wanting to emulate a bit the schedule for Ironman. It was in the warm-but-not-unpleasant 70's when I started, but my on-board thermometer was clocking 96 degrees in my last hour. Hot as hell. I'm happy to report that I actually rode pretty smart today. I watched my pace, cadence, and heart rate, and made it a priority to eat and drink a lot. I still lost 4 pounds of water weight - you've got to be kidding me - but on a day like today, I honestly don't know what more I could've done. I stopped at every little gas station I could find to refuel on water and Gatorade, and kept a pretty tight hydration schedule. I also worked hard to keep my core temperature low, dousing myself every 10 minutes or so inside my helmet, on my arms, and on my neck and back. Considering that I'm the king of melt-downs in heat, I mostly avoided any drama. The last 20 miles were tough though, no question. But 102.5 miles on a 96 degree day and I lived to talk about it? Success, baby.

When I got home I filled the bathtub with only ice cold water and sat in it a good half an hour (shout out to the perpetual lurker Tara Rae...) - it did wonders for my legs, they're feeling really great right now. But boooooy howdy. I mean to tell you that those first few seconds of iciness are insane. And yeah, fellas, that thing you're thinking right now about sitting in an ice cold bathtub? Right. Gooooood times. But all worth it if I can shake off some fatigue and lower my core temperature like that. After the initial 5 minute shock it felt pretty good, all things considered.

I also rode today in my Ironman cycling jersey - which I still haven't shown you, I know, but I will and just suffice to say it kicks ass, all armored up with Ironman Wisconsin logos and graphics. I typically avoid wearing any kind of M-Dot logo (thinking it's a think to be earned), but it's unwise not to train in race day clothing (it is, among other dope IMWI gear, part of my race-day uniform...I will post pics soon, really) so I put it on today for what I knew would be a long and hot ride. Happy to report all went well, but I have to say - and we all know by now that I am a sentimental (emphasis on mental?), emotionally driven dude - putting on that jersey for the first time, seeing the IM logo emblazoned across my chest like the damn Superman S...I don't mind telling you I got a little emotional. Like a walk-on putting on his gameday uniform for the first time, even just for team pictures or something. It felt real, and right. Exciting.

So capped a pretty solid week of training, with my long ride last weekend on-course (85 miles), my long brick (40 mile bike/10 mile run) on Monday, 2500 yards in the pool and 5 mile run on Friday, and today's long ride on those fatigued legs. Feeling good. Also feeling like I'm really figuring out some of the things that have been eluding me on the bike as far as pacing for fresh legs and especially nutrition. Always more work to do, of course, but here and now, right this minute, I'm encouraged.

A few shout outs - SLS, you were on-course at Ironman today, weren't you? I'll be really interested to read your blog about how it went and what you thought and what you learned (ps - your gruesome pics are awesome...). Also our lovely friend Sara posted a serious P.R. last weekend in a 5k road race, finishing in 27 something minutes and 3rd place in her age group. Kickass! Whoohoooo!!!!

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Sara F U said...

Hell yeah! I'm very proud to say that you gave me hope that I could get my lazy ass of the couch and do something about my fat ass.