Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Me and 'Blue need your help!

Okay, so it's getting into the final stretch now. I have one more long run, a handful of long cycling rides, but about a month from now the taper for Ironman will officially begin. I'm starting to coordinate now the things I need to do between now and then, including equipment. One thing I'll be doing before my last long ride is replacing the bar tape on Ol' Blue.

And I was thinking just how cool this whole blog thing has been - how there are so many of you I'd have no reason to even think of before this began, and so many of you that are friends but wouldn't have any kind of opportunity to really share in this day to day with me were it not for this thing. Pass the tissue, but you've become part of the team. I come here and share how it's going, and you respond. That I can have a conversation with somebody and have them up to speed on my process because they choose to read the blog each day - well that's pretty damn cool.

So: I was thinking that I want you out there with me. I'd like for you guys to choose what color bartape Ol' Blue should be wearing for Ironman. Here are the options:

Metallic blue (oooooh!)
Red (Ironman colors! Sweet!)
White (Another Ironman color! And so iPod!)
Silver (Shiny! Wheee! Also what 'Blue is presently wearing...)
Black (Another Ironman color! Dark and Mysterious! Darth Vader! Ooooh!)

Here's an image:

If you click on it you'll see a much larger version that's a little more helpful in seeing the colors. Right, and no, pink is not in the running. 'Blue has some dignity.

So help me out! Just comment on what you think 'Blue would look the most ass kicking, fast, get-me-through-6+ hours-feeling-good in, and whatever color gets the most comments wins. Remember we're going for attitude here people. If you're a lurker, email me your thoughts. Don't leave me hanging now, I want to feel like the Becoming Ironman Blog has dressed 'Blue for the big race!


Anonymous said...

Red! (I really want it to be pink, as that is my favorite PINK!) Come on.....Pink! (Amy--your wife's vote counts as FIVE.)

xt4 said...

Whoa. Who invited the crazy girl?

One vote for RED!

Michael Anderson said...

BLACK! I think Ol'Blue wants to match you and be in Ironman colors, but also has a Vader-ish streak in him, and wants to intimidate!

R. Jeffrey Davis said...

I would go with what got you where you are. Silver

Todd said...

I say metallic blue to match Ol' Blue. Maybe you could somehow tape it and use two so it would be a sweet or red/black or silver/blue??? Don't forget the matching tassels too.

Pharmie said...

My first vote would be pink, but my second vote would be black. It shows the least grime:)

abby said...

I really thought about this--gotta go with black.

Sara F. said...

Come on. Shiny. The name of your bike. I'm with Todd it's gotta be blue.

xt4 said...

Ooooh it's heating up. There's tension in the air. People are leaving the table in disgust. Somebody's starting to spread rumors about somebody else in a smear campaign. Brilliant!

So far we have:
1 - Red
3 - Black
1 - Silver
2 - Metallic Blue

And pretty much all the regulars have chimed in...nothing yet from Patric or Kathi and a few others. Paging Patric and Kathi and a few others. Alright, we'll give it to the end of the week. 5:00pm Central time Friday. I know you're on pins and needles. Imagine how 'Blue feels!!!

Patric said...

SILVER.... nothing says fast and intimidating like silver. Plus maybe if the light catches it just right it will put glare in the other riders faces and cause them to slow down!

FeGirl said...

I probably missed the vote, but I would have to go for Metalic Blue!! :) !! Kathi